95th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Monday PM


Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - K. Thurbide
Chair(s) - K. Thurbide, K. Waldron

13:40 00761 Using Capillary Electrophoresis to Identify Various Types of Blood Dopants *$Harrison C.R., Vydha S., Fang C., Green C.
14:00 00762 How to Approach the Identification of Anomalous Peaks During Pharmaceutical Sample Analyses *$Toltl N.P.
14:20 00763 Rapid Extractions of Polar Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from Tablets and Capsules Using Carbon Dioxide Based Fluids Alkhateeb F.L., *$Thurbide K.B., Thurbide K.B
14:40 00764 Ultrasonic Derivatization of Steroid Hormones for GC/MS Quantification Baltas J., Mugo S., Withey J., Zhou T.
15:00 00765 Subcritical Water Stability of Common Pharmaceuticals and Their Extraction from Commercial Formulations Murakami J.N., *$Thurbide K.B.
15:20 00766 Determining the Potential of Ionic Liquids for Selective Extraction of Phosphopeptides Sanon S.H., Schmitzer A.R., *Waldron K.C.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00767 Small Volume Peptide Extraction with Magnetic Beads for Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry *$Yeung K.K.C., Booker C.J., Baillargeon A.L., Siqueira W.L.
16:20 00768 Polymerized Phospholipid Bilayers as Permanent Coatings for Small Amine Separation using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Pei L., *$Lucy C.A.
16:40 00769 Development of Novel Sample Extraction, Clean Up, and Introduction Strategies for Metabolomic Profiling and Related Mass Spectrometry Based Analysis *O'Brien R., Alsaggaf W., Dousty F., Rodriguez C.
17:00 End of Session


Developments in ICP Spectrometry and Its Varied Applications

Organizer(s) - D. Beauchemin
Chair(s) - M. Lamoureux

13:40 00770 Determination of Arsenic and Antimony Sulfur Species in Plants by XAS and HPLC-ICPMS/ES-Orbitrap MS Koch I., Moriarty M.M., Sui J., Rutter A., Raab A., Abarode F., Feldmann J., Reimer K.J.
14:00 00771 Hyphenated Techniques to Study Arsenic Biotransformation Chen B.W., Geisel J., Lu X.F., McKnight-Whitford A., Peng H.Y., Shen S.W., Yuan C.G., *$Le X.C.
14:40 00772 Complementary XAS and HPLC-ICPMS Analysis of Arsenic Species in Environmental and Biological samples Reimer K.J., Moriarty M.M., Caumette G., Koch I., Dee J., Cullen W.R.
15:20 00773 Determination of Arsenic Species in the Liver of Chicken Fed with Roxarsone-containing Diet Peng H.Y., Huang R.F., Lu X.F., Hu B., *Le X.C.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00774 A Bioanalytical Method to Probe Interactions Between Medicinal Drugs and Toxic Metals with Blood Plasma *$Gailer J., Zeini Jahromi E., Sooriyaarachchi M., Morris T.
16:40 00775 Mobilization of Cd2+ from Blood Plasma Proteins by Chelating Agents Evidenced by SEC-ICP-AES Zeini Jahromi E., Pickering I.J., George G.N., Gailer J.
17:00 End of Session

ANTELUS 108,109

Teaching Analytical Chemistry (joint with CE2)

13:40 See CE2.

17:20 End of Session


Biophysical Chemistry (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - M. Khajepoor, E. Prenner
Chair(s) - S. Wetmore, J. Stetefeld

13:40 00776 Surface-Active Proteins on Different Surfaces: Effects of Hydrophobicity and Curvature *$Dutcher J.R., Kurylowicz M., Giuliani M.
14:20 00777 Engineering Cell Surfaces via Liposome Fusion for Spatiotemporal Control of Cell-Cell Assembly Yousaf M.N.
14:40 00778 The Effect of Lithium Ions on the Hydrophobic Effect: Does Lithium Affect Hydrophobicity Differently than Other Ions? *$Khajehpour M.
15:00 00779 Cyclic Polyprolines: How to Bend a Molecular Ruler Scully C.C.G., *Yudin A.K.
15:20 00780 The Effect of Charge on Diffusion in Biofilm Golmohamadi M., *$Wilkinson K. WITHDRAWN
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00781 Computer Modeling of the DNA Glycosylases *Wetmore S.D.
16:20 00782 Some Computational Insights Into Oxygen Activation In Non-Heme Iron Enzymes Fortowsky G., Bushnell E.A.C., *$Gauld J.W.
16:40 00783 Biophysical Approaches to Mapping a Protein Interaction Network Necessary for Bacterial Iron Uptake *$Pawelek P.D., Jaworski I., Khalil S.
17:00 00784 Novel Inhibitors of Protein Methyltransferases *$Schapira M., Nguyen K.
17:20 End of Session

BM4Macleod A2,3

Microbial Chemistry of Fossil Fuels (joint with EN)

Organizer(s) - R. Turner, L. Gieg
Chair(s) - L. Gieg, R. Turner

13:40 00788 Hydrocarbons á la Carte: 'Fines' Dining by Oil Sands Tailings Pond Microbes Foght J.M.
14:20 00789 Heavy Metal Attenuation and Mobility in the Wood Creek Sand Channel Aquifer: An Experimental Column Study Kone M., Mayer U., *$Ulrich A.
14:40 00790 Sulfur Biogeochemistry of Syncrude's Mildred Lake Composite Tailings (CT) Deposits *$Warren L.A., Stephenson K., Kendra K., Holland S.P., Colenbrander-Nelson T., Penner T.
15:00 00791 Bioreactors for Oil Sands Tailings Water Treatment *$Liu Y.
15:20 00792 Biodegradation of Oil Sands-related Substrates by Indigenous Tailings Ponds Microorganisms *Gieg L.M., Ramos-Padron E., Clothier L.N., Wilson S.L.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00787 Lipidomic Profiling of Microalgae Cultured with Various Nutrient Levels: Determining Suitability for Biofuel Production *$Melanson J.E., MacDougall K.M., O'Leary S.J.B., McGinn P.J.
16:20 00786 Unravelling the Pathways and Roles of Organisms in Anaerobic Benzene-degrading Cultures Devine C., Luo F., Gitiafroz R., Ho C., Mahadevan R., *$Edwards E., Beiko R.
16:40 00785 Recent Advances in Petroleum Microbiology: Sulfur Cycle Management, Corrosion Control and Improved Production Voordouw G.
17:20 End of Session

BM-PoExhibition Hall CD

Poster Session

From 18:00 until 19:30

BM1 - Nucleic Acid Chemistry posters

18:00 00793 New Fluorescent Cytosine Analogs: Synthesis and Preliminary Evaluation Suchy M., $Hudson R.H.E.
18:00 00794 Push-Pull C-Linked 8-Aryl-Deoxyguanosine Nucleosides for Distinguishing Syn vs. Anti Conformation in the Nar1 Restriction Sequence Rankin K.M., Fadock K.L., *$Manderville R.A.
18:00 00795 Using the Oxidative Chemistry of C8-Furyl-2'-Deoxyguanosine Adducts to Synthesize Site Specific DNA Cross-Links Witham A.A., *Sproviero M., $Manderville R.A.
18:00 00796 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of RNAs that Contain PNA-RNA Dimer Gong W., $Desaulniers J.P.
18:00 00797 Colorimetric Detection of Analytes Using Aptamer-based Rolling Circle Amplification Wang L., *Tram K., Li J., $Li Y.
18:00 00798 Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleoside Adducts to Probe Recognition and Repair by O6-Alkylguanine DNA Alkyltransferases O'Flaherty D.K., McManus F.P., Noronha A.M., *$Wilds C.J.
18:00 00799 Hydrolytic Stability of O-Linked C8-2'-Deoxyguanosine Adducts Derived from Phenolic Carcinogens Kuska M.S., *$Manderville R.A.
18:00 00800 Comparing tRNA Modification by Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthases Cbf5 and Pus10 Kamalampeta R., $Kothe U.
18:00 00801 A Platinum Phenanthroimidazole Complex as an Input on a Contractile DNA Nanoswitch $Sen D., *Huang Y.C., Sleiman H.F., Castor K.

BM2 - Biophysical Chemistry posters

18:00 00802 Preparation and Performance of NanoMagnetite/MCM41 Catalyst as a Heterogeneous Peroxiadse Model Enzyme *$Fallah F., Mahmoudi A., Nazari K.
18:00 00803 Determining the Kinetics of Membrane Fusion Induced by Small Lipophillic Molecules Nguyen T.T., *$Cramb D.T.
18:00 00804 Conformational Preferences of C8-bound 2'-deoxyguanosine Adducts Sharma P., Manderville R.A., *Wetmore S.D.
18:00 00805 Structures and Relative Energies of heme-Ab complexes: A Computational Study Azimi S., Rauk A.
18:00 00806 Scaffolded Vesicles as a Model Membrane System $Grossutti M., Seenath R., *Lipkowski J.
18:00 00807 Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Peptide-based Artificial Ion Channels Otis F., Biron E., Meillon J.-C., Arseneault M., Racine-Berthiaume C., *Voyer N.
18:00 00808 Taking a Closer Look at the Biosynthesis of NTD in B. subtilis: Analysis of the NtdC-NtdA Coupled Enzyme Reaction by Ion-paired HPLC Vetter N.D., Langill D.M., Boisvert J., van Straaten K.E., Jagdhane R., $Palmer D.R.J.
18:00 00809 Interpreting the Barium Blockades of Potassium Channels with the Multi-Ion Permeation Free Energy Surface Rowley C.N., *$Roux B.
18:00 00810 Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Endoglucanases and Cellobiohydrolases on Native Cellulose Films Quirk A., Wang J., *Lipkowski J., Dutcher J.R., Clarke A.J., Hill C.
18:00 00811 Insights into the Synergistic Effect for the Degradation of Native Cellulose Moula M.G., Quirk A., Hill C., Dutcher J.R., Clarke A.J., *$Lipkowski J.
18:00 00812 Electrochemical Studies of Novel Tethered Model Membranes for the Investigation of Membrane Associated Proteins Seenath R., *Leitch J., $Lipkowski J.
18:00 00813 Peroxidative Nitration of Aromatic Compounds at Mild Conditions Using Peroxidase Enzyme *$Nazari K., Haghighian Z., Rezaie-Rod A., Samimi V.
18:00 00814 DNA Stickers Promote Polymer Adsorption onto Cellulose Sato T., Ali M., $Pelton R., *Cranston E.
18:00 00815 Investigations of a Fluorescence Based Method for Early Detection of Mastitis in Dairy Cows Owen E.M., McInnis J.M., Wagner B.D., *$Whelan W.M.
18:00 00816 TyrA Family Enzymes: Insights into L-Tyrosine Binding Shlaifer I.S., $Turnbull J.T.
18:00 00817 Mass-Tuned Initial Excited-state Structural Dynamics of 5-Deuterouracil from UV Raman Spectroscopy *Teimoory F., Ng S., $Loppnow G.R.
18:00 00818 Characterization of Mono- and Bifunctional Forms of a Tyrosine Biosynthetic Enzyme from Haemophilus influenzae. Kim H.Y., *Quashi P.K., $Turnbull J.
18:00 00819 Binding of Glycopeptide Haptens to a Monoclonal Anti-Shigella flexneri Y Antibody: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Shi Y., *Pinto B.M.
18:00 00820 PGSTE NMR Measurements of Water Self-diffusion in Supercooled NaCl Aqueous Solutions $Garbacz P., Price W. S.
18:00 00821 In Silico Drug Design to Prevent Oligomerization of Ab in Alzheimer's Disease Petoyan A., *$Rauk A.
18:00 00822 Design of Inhibitors to Resist Ab Oligomerisation and Ab-Cu2+ Binding Opare S.K.A., Petoyan A., *Rauk A.
18:00 00823 Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Resveratrol Analogues as Anti-Inflammatory and Potential Chemopreventive Agents Aldawsari F., *$Velazquez C.
18:00 00824 Development of a New Method for Fluorogenic Protein Labelling Strmiskova M., Lachance H., Caron K., Goto N.K., *$Keillor J.W.
18:00 00825 Studying the Role of Ribonucleases (RNases) Within Foodborne Pathogen, Listeria monocytogenes Kanda P., Guarne A., $Li Y.
18:00 00826 Coarse-grained and Atomistic Simulations of Lipid Domain Formation Bennett W.F.D., Mendez-Villuendas E., Singh G., Baoukina S., *$Tieleman D.P.
18:00 00827 The Role of Anionic and Cationic Lipid Mixtures in Gene Delivery Process Afshinmanesh E., Baoukina S., Mendez-Villuendas E., $Tieleman D.P.
18:00 00828 Structural and Thermodynamic Studies of the Bacterial Kinase AnmK *Tavassoli M., $Khajehpour M., Mark B.L., Bacik J.-P.
18:00 00829 Dissecting the Mechanism of ETV6 PNT Domain Self-association Huang-Hobbs H., Cetinbas N., Sorensen P.H.B., $McIntosh L.P.
18:00 00830 Theoretical Investigation of the Catalytic Mechanism of Maleate Isomerase Dokaininsh H.M., Ion B.F., *$Gauld J.W.
18:00 00831 Characterization of Nanoparticles for Immunotolerance Induction in Solution and in the Chicken Embryo Chorioallantoic Membrane Durst H.F., $Cramb D.T.
18:00 00832 The Adsorption of a Face-wise Amphipathic a-Helical Peptide onto Hydrophobic Surfaces Naka T.L., Roy S., *$Hore D.K.
18:00 00833 Thermodynamics of Fatty Acid Aggregation Using Computer Simulations Janke J.J., Bennett W.F.D, *$Tieleman D.P.
18:00 00834 In Vivo Activity of a Photo-switchable DNA-binding Protein Kim Y.B., Mazumder M., Brechun K.E., McMillen D., *$Woolley G.A.

BM4 - Microbial Chemistry of Biofuels and Fossil Fuels posters

18:00 00835 A Facile Process for a Biofilm-Inoculation of Bioreactors: Uses in Oilsands Tailings Pond Water Remediation Lemire J., Demeter M.A., George I., Kaufman L., Ceri H., *$Turner R.
18:00 00836 Anaerobic Naphtha Degradation as a Potential Driver for Methanogenesis in Tailings Ponds Wilson S.L., Ramos-Padron E., Voordouw G., $Gieg L.M.
18:00 00837 Biofilm Mediated Aerobic Degradation of Naphthenic Acids Demeter M.A., George I., Lemire J., Ceri H., $Turner R.J.
18:00 00838 Anaerobic Biodegradation of Naphthenic Acids by Tailings Pond Microorganisms *Clothier L.N., $Gieg L.M.

BM5 - Antimicrobial and Host-defense Peptides posters

18:00 00839 Structure-Activity Studies on a Model Antimicrobial Peptide Paquet-Côté P.-A., Provencher M.-E., Cardinal S., Bédard L., Caron E., Lorin A., Noël M., Auger M., *Voyer N.
18:00 00840 Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of SEA-1 from Streptomyces sp. SPS030 Chaytor J.L., $Vederas J.C.
18:00 00841 Understanding the Biological Activities of Human and Bovine Lactoferricin McDonald L.J., Haney E.F., Arias M., *$Vogel H.J.
18:00 00842 Structural Elements Involved in the Antimicrobial Activity of the Chemokine Thrombicidin-1 *Kwakman P.H.S., Nguyen L.T., Vogel H.J., $Zaat S.A.J.
18:00 00843 Metabolomics as a Novel Approach to Examine the Mechanism of Action of Antimicrobial Peptides *Mickiewicz B., Haney E.F., $Vogel H.J.
18:00 00844 Novel Histone Derived Antimicrobial Peptides preferentially Interact with Bacterial Membrane Lipids in Monolayer Systems Berezowski N.S., Chiu M.H., Vogel H.J., $Prenner E.J.
18:00 00845 Exploring the Antimicrobial Activity of 5-hydroxy-tryptophan Substituted Tritrpticin Peptides Arias M., $Vogel H.J.
18:00 00846 Optimization of a Novel Steroid Alkaloid Antibiotic Efficient Against Persistent Forms of Staphylococcus aureus Chagnon F., Guay I., Mitchell G., Bouarab K., Malouin F., *$Marsault E.
18:00 00847 The Synthesis, Biological Testing, and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Novel Analogues of the Lantibiotic Peptide Lactocin S McKinnie S.M.K., Ross A.C., Little M.J., *$Vederas J.C.
18:00 00848 Peptide-Peptide Interaction Among the Class IIb Two-peptide Bacteriocin, Lactococcin G Etayash H., Soliman W., *$Kaur K.
18:00 00849 Derivatization of Pantothenamide Analogues by Enantioselective Reduction with Baker's Yeast Darabi H., *Akinnusi T.O., $Auclair K.
18:00 00850 Synthetic Antimicrobial Peptide Sequences Derived from the Sequence of Lasso Peptide Microcin J25 Soudy R., *Wang L., $Kaur K.
18:00 00851 Pseudomonas aeruginosa Surface Modifications are Required for Surviving Human Neutrophil Killing Halverson T.W., $Lewenza S.
18:00 00852 The Role of Lactoferrin Binding Protein B in Gram-Negative Pathogens Morgenthau A., Beddek A.J., Schryvers A.

BM6 - Macromolecular Crystallography posters

18:00 00853 Engineering b-glucuronidase for use in Antibody-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy Dalrymple S.A., Jagdhane R., Palmer D.R.J., Sanders D.A.R.
18:00 00854 ATP-Citrate Lyase: Study of Phosphohistidine Loop Using X-ray Crystallography *$Komakula A., Fraser M.E., Fraser M.E
18:00 00855 Structural Studies of Viral RNA Polymerase Replication Complexes Rao C., *Kaczowka C., Barrette-Ng I., $Ng K.
18:00 00856 2.0 Å Crystal Structure of Dihydrodipicolinate Synthase from Campylobacter jejuni with Substrate Pyruvate and Inhibitor L-Lysine Conly C.J.T., Skovpen Y., Dalrymple S.A., van Straaten K.E., Palmer D.R.J., *Sanders D.A.R.

BMGlen 209

Applied Nanomaterials

13:40 Joint with MT and PT - See MT3.

17:20 End of Session


Multiscale Bio/Physical/Chemical Modelling

13:40 See PT3.

17:20 End of Session

CE2TELUS 108,109

Teaching Analytical Chemistry (joint with AN)

Organizer(s) - C. Lucy, S. Pelletier
Chair(s) - C. Lucy, K. Donkor

13:40 00857 Teaching Analytical Chemistry: What Do Analytical Chemists Do, How Do We Teach It? *$Christian G.D.
14:20 00858 Simple Teaching Strategies to Keep Students Engaged and Learning Analytical Chemistry Beauchemin D.
14:40 00859 How Did I Win a National Teaching Award While Teaching Quant? *$Lucy C.A.
15:00 00860 Analytical Chemistry Research as a Teaching Tool in an Undergraduate University: Challenges and Opportunities *$Donkor K.K.
15:20 00861 "How to Push Buttons" - A 10,000 Page Training Guide for Analytical Chemists *$Doucette A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00862 Using Digital Tools to Enhance the Lecture and Laboratory Learning Experience *$Harrison C.R.
16:40 00863 Innovations in the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory *$Burk R.C.
17:00 00864 Developing Tools for Undergraduate Spectroscopy: Inexpensive Visible Light Spectrometers Vanderveen J.R., *Ooms K.J., Martin B.E.
17:20 End of Session


Teaching Organic Chemistry (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - A. Causton
Chair(s) - A. Causton

13:40 00865 Effect of Online Assignments on Student Performance in Introductory Organic Chemistry *Gravel M., Sanders D.A.R.
14:00 00866 Anyone for Moodle ? *Hunt I.R.
14:20 00867 Demonstrations and Interactions: Reasons for Students to Attend Recorded Tutorials *$Hudson R., Luska K.L.
14:40 00868 Using Case Studies During Lecture *$Johnson A.E.
15:00 00869 An Instructional Method that Engages Students in Drawing Mechanisms During Class Time Stewart J.
15:20 00870 Using Clickers to Cultivate Attention to Detail in 2nd yr. Organic Chemistry *Hunt I.R.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00871 An Undergraduate-Directed Azlactone Challenge Synthesis Edgar L.J.G., *Dicks A.P.
16:20 00872 Introducing a Practical Lab Exam in the First Year Organic Curriculum *$Patenaude G.
16:40 00873 Can We Teach Students How to be Productive Researchers in the Undergraduate Laboratories? *Huot M.
17:00 End of Session

EN6Macleod A4

Environmental Chemistry Award Session

Organizer(s) - H.D. Osthoff
Chair(s) - J. Donaldson, J. Thornton

13:40 00874 From a Fiery Birth to a Watery Grave: The Lifecycle and Impacts of Black Carbon Aerosol *$McMeeking G.R., Coe H., Collett Jr.,J.L., DeMott P.J., Kreidenweis S.M., Lee T., Petters M.D., Sullivan A.P., Taylor J., Yokelson R.J.
14:20 00875 Transport of Wildfire Plumes and Impacts on Air Quality and Visibility in South-western, British Columbia McKendry I.
15:00 00876 Aerosol Chemistry in Coal-fired Power-plant Plumes: Can Emissions Controls Increase Particle Number Concentrations? *$Pierce J.R., Lonsdale C.R., Stevens R.G., Brock C.A., Makar P.A.
15:40 Coffee Break
Environment Division Research and Development Award lecture:

16:00 00877 Oxidation of Tropospheric Aerosol Particles: Mechanisms and Potential Impacts Abbatt J.
16:40 00878 Atmospheric Chemistry at Environmental Interfaces: From Molecular to Planetary Scales *$Ariya P.A.
17:20 End of Session

ENMacleod A2,3

Microbial Chemistry of Fossil Fuels (joint with BM4)

13:40 See BM4.

17:20 End of Session

IC1Macleod A1

Chemistry Behind the Oil Sands

Organizer(s) - S. Hanearin, L. May
Chair(s) - S. Hanearin

13:40 00879 Vibrational Spectra of Coronene and Dicoronylene from Photoacoustic Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Oladepo S.A., *$Michaelian K.H.
14:20 00880 Total Synthesis and Aggregation Studies of Polycyclic Asphaltene Model Compounds Lofstrand V.A., Tan X., Salim A.H.S., Gray M.R., Tykwinski R.R., Stryker J.M.
15:00 00881 Determination of Olefin Content in Crude Oil using Permanent Magnet NMR Instruments *$Bouchard D.A.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01997 A Novel Anti-accretion/Wellbore Strengthening Additive for SAGD Well Drilling Ma K., Dubberley S., Brockhoff J.
16:40 End of Session

IC-PoExhibition Hall CD

Poster Session

From 18:00 until 19:30

IC1 - Chemistry Behind the Oil Sands posters

18:00 00882 Abstract Title Unavailable Diner C., *$Stryker J.M.
18:00 00883 Abstract Title Unavailable Tomlin K.R., *$Stryker J.M.
18:00 00884 Synthesis and Incorporation of Functionalized Quinolines into Large Heteroaromatic Islands in Model Bitumen Archipelago Compounds Reaugh D.J., *$Stryker J.M.

IC3 - Innovation in Industrial Chemistry and Technology posters

18:00 00885 A Simple One-Pot Dehydration Process to Convert N-acetyl-D-glucosamine into a Nitrogen-Containing Compound, 3-actamido-5-acetylfuran Omari K.W., *Kerton F.M.
18:00 00886 Sodium Borohydride Methanolysis as a Method of Hydrogen Production for Portable Systems Huynh K., Susilo R., Jessop P., *$Davis B.
18:00 00887 Low Pressure One-step Gas-phase Process for MIBK Production *$Al-Rabiah A.A., Bagabas A.A.

IN3Macleod E2

Symposium on the Applications of Physical Methods to Coordination Chemistry in Honour of Barry Lever

Organizer(s) - R.J. Crutchley
Chair(s) - R.J. Crutchley

13:40 00888 Metallocenyl-containing Porphyrins, Tetraazaporphrins, and Subphthalocyanines: What Did We Learn So Far? *$Nemykin V.N.
14:20 00889 Relationship between the Molecular Structures and Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Properties of Azaporphyrinoids *$Kobayashi N.
15:00 00890 Ruthenium(II) Complexes with Sulfur-Containing Ligands: Potential Models for Heme Proteins *$James B.R., Reboucas J.S., Ma E.S.F.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00891 Relating Spectral Properties of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines to Theoretical Parameters from their Electronic Structures *$Stillman M.J., Kwan L., Jeffs K., Deshpande R., Deng Y., Jiang L., Wang H.
16:20 00892 Origins of Regioselectivity of the Palladium-Catalyzed (Aromatic)C-H Bond Metalation-Deprotonation *$Gorelsky S.I.
16:40 00893 Coordination Chemistry of Heteroditopic Ligands Containing an N-Heterocyclic Carbene or a Derivative Thereof, and Catalytic Activity of the Corresponding Complexes *$Lavoie G.G.
17:00 00894 Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Real-Time Analysis of Catalytic Reactions Ahmadi Z., Vikse K.L., Yunker L., Logan J., Naka T., *$McIndoe J.S.
17:20 End of Session

IN4Macleod E1

Ligand Design (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - S. Johnson, T. Storr
Chair(s) - D. Song, M. Zamora

13:40 00895 Exploiting Silicon in Ligand Design: Novel Structure and Reactivity Involving Silyl Pincer Complexes of the Platinum Group Metals *$Turculet L.
14:00 00896 New DalPhos Ligands for Use in Palladium-Catalyzed Indole Synthesis Lavery C.B., $Stradiotto M.
14:20 00897 Redox-Active Ligands for Unconventional C-X Activation Zhu D., *$Budzelaar P.H.M.
14:40 00898 Planar Chiral Ruthenium Complexes of Phosphonium Indenylide (PHIN) Ligands Fowler G.K., Hussian R., $Baird M.C.
15:00 00899 Reaction Chemistry Stemming from Cobalt Tris-m-Terphenylisocyanide Complexes *$Figueroa J.S., Carpenter A.E., Millard M.D.
15:20 00900 Nindigo: Adventures in Bridging Ligand Design *Hicks R.G., Nawn G.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00901 Triazine-based Bridging Ligands for the Assembly of Transition Metal-based Extended Networks and Porous Frameworks Pizarro-Cartier E., Thompson R., Reid D., Cull J.E.W., *$Scott J.
16:20 00902 Polymerization and Applications of Chiral Phosphaalkenes Serin S.C., Gates D.P., $Dake G.R.
16:40 00903 Diamido-Actinide Complexes as Catalysts for Intramolecular Hydroamination Hayes C.E., Platel R.H., $Leznoff D.B., *Schafer L.L.
17:00 00904 Alternate Routes for the Synthesis and Coordination of Substituted Benzotriazolium Cations Poisson J., Bain C.D., $Butler I.S., *Bohle D.S.
17:20 End of Session

IN6Macleod B

Solar Fuels (joint with MT)

Organizer(s) - C. Berlinguette, G. Hanan
Chair(s) - C. Berlinguette, G. Hanan

13:40 00905 Integrating Photoconversion with Catalysis for Artificial Photosynthesis *$Wasielewski M.R. WITHDRAWN
14:20 00906 Photoelectrochemistry of Hematite for Water Splitting *$Hamann T.W., Klahr B.
14:40 00907 Molecular Complexes for Water Activation *$Aukauloo A., El Ghachtouli S., DinhNguyen M.T.
15:00 00908 New Electrocatalysis for Oxygen Chemistry *Mayer J.M., Barnett S.M., Waidmann C.R., Carver C.T., Matson B.D., Tronic T.A., Blacquiere J.M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00909 Cobalt-based Catalysts for Water-splitting *$Artero V.
16:40 00910 Better Water Oxidation with Hematite: An ALD Approach *$Martinson A.B.F., DeVries M.J., Riha S.C., Hupp J.T., Pellin M.J.
17:00 00911 Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Catalyzed Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 *$Saveant J.M. WITHDRAWN
17:40 End of Session

IN8Glen 206


Organizer(s) - R. Roesler
Chair(s) - D.B. Leznoff

Rio Tinto Alcan Award lecture:

13:40 00912 Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Materials with Dynamic Interlocked Components Loeb S.J.
14:20 00913 Reductive Elimination of Halogen from [AuX2(CN)2]- Units: Toward Au(I)-based Coordination Polymers Ovens J.S., *$Leznoff D.B.
14:40 00914 Metal-Ligand Self-Assembly with Rotaxanes Viljoen E., *$Loeb S.J.
15:00 00915 Synthesis and Characterisation of Discrete Multimetallic Assembly Laramée B., *K. Pal A.
15:20 00916 A [3+3] Neutral Metal Self-assembly Approach to Novel Ensembles Pal A.K., $Hanan G.S., *Hasenknopf B.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00917 Nanocrystalline Cellulose: A Novel Template for Mesoporous Materials Shopsowitz K.E., Hamad W.Y., $MacLachlan M.J., *Qi H.
16:40 00918 New Rotaxane Ligands with Donors on Both the Axle and Wheel Frank N.C., Loeb S.J.
17:00 00919 Cyclometallated Iridium Complexes with Unique Structural Properties for Applications in Molecular Motors Howarth A.J., $Wolf M.O., Davies D.L., *Lelj F.
17:20 End of Session

INGlen 205

Diversity and Challenges of Inorganic Molecular and Materials Modelling (joint with PT7)

13:40 See PT7.

17:20 End of Session

INMacleod D

Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials (joint with MT2)

13:40 See MT2.

17:40 End of Session

INMacleod C

Symposium on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis in Honour of Howard Alper (joint with OR2)

13:40 See OR2.

17:20 End of Session

MS2Glen 203

Chemistry and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Other Nanostructures (joint with MT)

Organizer(s) - A. Adronov, R. Martel, B. Simard
Chair(s) - R. Martel

13:40 00920 Nano-carbon based Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries *Malenfant P.R.L., Lavoie N., Courtel F., Duncan H., Yim C.-H., Niketic S., Abu-Lebdeh Y., $Davidson I., Zou S. WITHDRAWN
14:20 00921 Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Biosensors *$Tang X.S.
14:40 00922 Rosette Nanotube-Supported Metal Nanoparticles Synthesis and Catalytic Properties Hassan M., Chhabra R., Cho J.-Y., *$Fenniri H.
15:00 00923 Graphene-based Electrodes for Energy Storage and Conversion *$Sun A.X.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00924 Rational Control of Production and Chemical Modification of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Diverse Industrial Applications *$Kingston C.T., Guan J., Martinez-Rubi Y., Kim K.S., Jakubinek M.B., Cheng F., Simard B.
16:40 00925 Carbon Nanotubes as Light Absorbing Materials for Photovoltaic Devices *$Arnold M.S., Wu M.-Y., Bindl D.J., Shea M.J.
17:20 End of Session

MS7Glen 202

Block Copolymer Fundamentals and Applications (joint with MT)

Organizer(s) - G. Liu
Chair(s) - J. Zhu, M. Moffitt

13:40 00926 Complex Nanopatterning of Surfaces Through Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers *Buriak J.M., Wu N.L.Y., Murphy J.N., Harris K.D., Chai J., Zhang X.
14:20 00927 Self-Assembly and Loading of Block Copolymer Micelles in Microfluidic Devices: Potential and Challenges *Moffitt M.G., $Wang C.-W., Sinton D.
15:00 00928 Phase-Separated Thin Films of Functional Metalloblock Copolymers Zhou J., Chabanne L., *Manners I.
15:20 00929 Feature Density Doubling Using Bilayered Block Copolymer Templates *Wu N.L.Y., Zhang X., Murphy J.N., Chai J., Harris K.D., $Buriak J.M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00930 Block Copolymer Solution Self-Assembly for Designed Synthesis of Metal Coordination Nanoparticles *$Wang X.
16:40 00931 Rigid-Flexible Copolymers with Short Flexible Segments: Crystallization Requirements *Brisson J., Hudon F., Benhalima A., Benoit J.M., Lebeau C.
17:00 00932 The Influence of Molecular Weight and Solvent Polarity on the Morphological Transitions of Poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilane)-b-Poly (2-vinylpyridine) Diblock Copolymer Micelles with a Crystallizable Core-Forming Metalloblock $Hsiao M.-S., Fairus Mohd Yusoff S., Winnik M.A., *Manners I.
17:20 End of Session

MT2Macleod D

Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials (joint with IN)

Organizer(s) - E. Zysman-Colman, D.F. Perepichka, C. Berlinguette
Chair(s) - D. Perepichka, J.-F. Morin

13:40 00933 Acenes and Heteroacenes: Synthesis and Performance *$Tykwinski R.R., Lehnherr D., Waterloo A.R., Adam M.
14:20 00934 Engineered Boronsubphthalocyanines as Functional Materials in Organic Photovoltaics and Organic Light Emitting Diodes *$Bender T.P., Morse G., Paton A., Virdo J., Fulford M., Dang J., Castrucci J.
14:40 00935 Polythiophene Solid State Memory Devices Based on Dynamic Doping Pillai R.G., Kumar R., Wu Y., *$McCreery R.L.
15:00 00936 Functionalized Thienoacenes: Enhancing p-p Interactions Through Expansion of the p-Conjugated Framework *$Brusso J.L., Leitch A.A., Mansour A., Stobo K.A., Korobkov I.
15:20 00937 Decoupling Molecular Diversity and Photophysical Character of Azo Dyes Goulet-Hanssens A., *$Barrett C.J.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00938 Liquid Crystalline N2S2 Core Modified Porphyrins as Donor Materials for Photovoltaic Applications Bromby A.D., Kan W.H., Thangadurai V., *$Sutherland T.C.
16:20 00939 Design of New Materials for Chevron-Free Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays Song Q., Ayub K., Andrea T., Kumar S., Nonnenmacher D., Giesselmann F., *Lemieux R.P.
16:40 00940 Discotic Liquid Crystals: Please DO Bend, Stretch and Fold! *$Williams V.E., Calderon O., Bozek K., Seifi N.
17:00 00941 New Discotic Mesogens Derived from Dibenzanthracenes and Related Compounds: Establishing Structure-Property Relationships *$Maly K.E.
17:20 00942 Folded Discotic Dimers Bozek K.J.A., Calderon O., *$Williams V.
17:40 End of Session

MT3Glen 209

Applied Nanomaterials (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - D. Cramb, S. Trudel
Chair(s) - J. Veinot

13:40 00943 Studies of Macromolecular Sorbent Materials for Urea *$Wilson L.D., Xue C.
14:00 00944 One-pot Nanocrystal Fabrication of CIS and CZTS for Use in Absorbing Layers in Solar Cells Vaccarello D., Tapley A., $Ding Z.
14:20 00945 Metal/Ge Heterostructure Nanowires Fabricated in Inorganic Templates Yang Z., Ma G., $Veinot J.G.C.
14:40 00946 Thermally Stable and Catalytically Active Pd@Silica Core-shell Nanoparticles Man R.W.Y., $Wolf M.O.

Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry lecture:

15:00 00947 Ln3+ Doped Nanoparticles with Optical and Magnetic Properties: My Perspective of the Past, Present, and Future Van Veggel F.C.J.M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00948 Long Lived, Stable, Organic Photovoltaics Buriak J.M., Worfolk B.J., Harris K.D., Chen Q., Leclerc M., Beaupre S.
16:40 00949 Towards Plasmon-Enhanced Organic Solar Cells Severin H.A., Burnyeat C.H., $Kelly T.L.
17:00 00950 Characterization of MoSx Nanoparticles Prepared via w/o Transient Dispersions *Scott C.E., Pereira-Almao P., Molero H., Contreras C., Guzman H., Lara J.
17:20 End of Session

MT5Macleod E3


Organizer(s) - G. Shimizu
Chair(s) - R. Carlini

13:40 00951 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of C60 Derivative as n-Type Materials for Solar Cells Applications $Lafleur-Lambert A., Rondeau-Gagné S., *Morin J.-F.
14:00 00952 Silver Nanoparticle Plasmon Assisted Photolithographic Feature Generation and Application to Novel Optoelectronic Materials Stamplecoskie K.G., *Scaiano J.C.
14:20 00953 NMR Characterization of Metal-Organic Hybrid Nanoparticles with Potential Optoelectronic and Magneto-optic Applications Faghihi F., *$Hazendonk P.
14:40 00954 Controlling Changes in the Spectral Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Bain C.D., *$Bohle D.S.
15:00 00955 Entrapment of Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase in Functionalized Periodic Mesoporous Materials $MacQuarrie S.M., Tait M.B., *D'Cunha G., Kruk M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00956 Sorption Studies of Copolymer Sorbents and Napthenates in Aqueous Solution *$Wilson L.D., Mohamed M.H., Headley J.V., Peru K.M.
16:20 00957 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nano-crystalline Pyroxenes at Low Temperature for their Use as Catalysts or Adsorbents for Bitumen Upgrading *Vitale G., $Pereira-Almao P.
16:40 00958 Nanoparticles for Asphaltenes Adsorption and Post Adsorption Catalysis *Hassan A., Nassar N.N., $Pereira-Almao P.
17:00 End of Session

MTGlen 202

Block Copolymer Fundamentals and Applications (joint with MS7)

13:40 See MS7.

17:20 End of Session

MTGlen 203

Chemistry and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and Other Nanostructures (joint with MS2)

13:40 See MS2.

17:20 End of Session

MTGlen 204

Fuel Cell Materials for Clean Energy Options (joint with PT2)

13:40 See PT2.

17:20 End of Session

MTMacleod B

Solar Fuels (joint with IN6)

13:40 See IN6.

17:40 End of Session

OR2Macleod C

Symposium on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis in Honour of Howard Alper (joint with IN)

Organizer(s) - C. Crudden
Chair(s) - C. Crudden

13:40 00959 Z-selective Ruthenium-based Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis Occhipinti G., Hansen F.R., *Jensen V.R.
14:00 00960 Chemical Plants? Olefin Metathesis as a Tool for Capturing Naturally-Occurring, High-Value Structural Motifs Lummiss J.A.M, dos Santos E.N., Oliveira K.C., *$Fogg D.E.
14:40 00961 Mechanistic and Developmental Catalytic Hydrogenations of Amides, Imides, and Ketones *$Bergens S.H., John J.M., Takebayashi S.

Canadian Council of University Chemistry Chairs (CCUCC) Chemistry Doctoral Award lecture:

15:00 00962 Transition Metal Catalysis: Activating CO2, CH, and CO Bonds En Route to Carboxylic Acids, Biaryls, and N-Containing Heterocycles Yeung C.S., *Dong V.M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00963 A Rhodium Catalyst-Organic Framework for the Intramolecular Cycloisomerization of 1,6-Enynes Corkum E.G., Hass M.J., Sullivan A.D., *$Bergens S.H.
16:20 00964 The Selective Oligomerisation of Ethylene to 1-Hexene and 1-Octene Green M.
17:00 00965 Pd- or Ni-Catalyzed Addition of R2P(O)-E (E = H, SR') with Alkynes *$Tanaka M.
17:40 End of Session

OR8Macleod E4


Organizer(s) - T. Sutherland
Chair(s) - T. Sutherland

13:40 00966 Induction of Metabolic Variations in the Fungal Pathogen Alternaria brassicicola Park M.R., $Pedras M.S.C.
14:00 00967 Metabolism of Camalexins and Analogs by the Cruciferous Pathogen Alternaria brassicicola Abdoli A., $Pedras M.S.C.
14:20 00968 Synthesis of Amanitin and Bioactive Derivatives of Trypathionine-containing Peptide Natural Products *$Perrin D.M., Zhao L., Blanc A., Dietrich D.J.
14:40 00969 Total Synthesis of Vallartanone A: Strategic Coupling of Chiral Fragments via Kinetic Resolution Lai L.C. K., $Ward D.E.
15:00 00970 Dhilirolides A-N, Meroterpenoids Produced in Culture by the Fruit-Infecting Fungus Penicillium purpurogenum Collected in Sri Lanka de Silva E.D., Williams D.E., Jayanetti D.R., Centko R.M., Patrick B.O., Wijesundera R.L.C., Andersen R.J.
15:20 00971 Toward Mechanistic Studies of Cyclopropane Desaturases: Enantioselective Synthesis of (9S,10R)-Dihydrosterculic Acid Palko J.W., Buist P.H., *$Manthorpe J.M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00972 Isolating and Studying Hyperconjugation with the Conformational Isotope Effect: an Experimental and Theoretical Study Greenway K.T., Bischoff A.L., *$Pinto B.M.
16:20 00973 Thermodynamics of Lewis Acid-Base Complexation of Transient Silylenes and Germylenes with Chalcogen and Pnictogen Donors by Laser Flash Photolysis Techniques Kostina S.S., *$Leigh W.J., Singh T.
16:40 00974 The Direct Detection and Characterization of Transient Stannylenes in Solution by Laser Flash Photolysis Methods Duffy I.R, *$Leigh W.J.
17:00 End of Session

OR-PoExhibition Hall CD

Poster Session

From 18:00 until 19:30

18:00 00975 Rewards and Profit from Applied Organic Syntheses *$Lynch B.M., Ceretti E.
18:00 00976 Preparation and Characterization of New Organosoluble Polyamides with Good Thermal Properties Containing Photosensitive Group in the Main Chain *$Hajibeygi M., Shabanian M.
18:00 00977 Design, Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation of Arginine and Citrulline Modified PARACEST MRI Contrast Agents: Can the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) Enzymatic Activity be Detected by MRI? Suchy M., Li A.X., Milne M., Bartha R., Hudson R.H.E.
18:00 00978 b-Arylation of Aldehydes Pirnot M.T., Rankic D.A., Martin D.B.C., *$MacMillan D.W.C.
18:00 00979 Absolute Configuration and Predominant Conformations of a Chiral Crown Ether-based Colormetric Sensor: A Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy and DFT Study of Chiral Recognition Merten C., Hyun M.H., *Xu Y.
18:00 00980 Mild and Convenient Synthesis of 1,2,3 - Triiodoarenes and Their Applications in One-Pot Tandem Reaction *$Al-Zoubi R.M., AbulFutouh H.
18:00 00981 Novel and Efficient Synthesis of Tetrazolo[1,5-b]-1,2,5-Oxadiazepines and Assessment of their Antibacterial Activities El-Badry S.M., *$Taha M.A.
18:00 00982 An aza-Wittig Approach to Sulfinimines and Sulfonamides from Sulfonyl Azides McConkey C., Ratiani M., $Hill B.
18:00 00983 Synthesis of 3-Substituted 3-Arylpropanols by the Truce-Smiles Rearrangement Grewal R., Kosowan J., W'Giorgis Z., *$Wood T.E.
18:00 00984 Towards the Total Synthesis of Palmyrolide A *Hood M., $Magee D.I.
18:00 00985 Dianthryl-TTFV as Dual Functional Fluorescent Probe for Transition Metal ions and Specific Anions Mulla K., Dongare P., Thompson D.W., *Zhao Y.
18:00 00986 Diazapolyenes and Borylated Azapolyenes: Synthesis of Nitrogen/Boron-Containing Heterocycles and their Properties Neue B., Fröhlich R., *Würthwein E.-U., Wakamiya A., Fukazawa A., Yamaguchi S.
18:00 00987 On the Origin of Stereocontrol in Enantioselective Diels-Alder Reactions from Aldehydes Mak C.C., *$Muchall H.M.
18:00 00988 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of New guanine-cytosine Motifs $Legesse B., Oderinde M., *Fenniri H.
18:00 00989 Brassinosteroids: New Synthetic Strategy and Neuroprotective Activity Ismaili J., Martinoli M.-G., Longpré F., $Daoust B.
18:00 00990 Cleavage of DNA using Two-Photon Excitation of N-Alkoxypyridinethiones Ruzic-Gauthier M., Cozens F.L., *$Schepp N.P.
18:00 00991 Synthetic Studies Towards Palau'amine: Synthesis of trans-fused 5,5-ring Systems and Advances in an Oxidative Cyclization Sequence Rivalti D., $Gleason J.L.
18:00 00992 Synthesis of 5- and 6-Membered Cyclic Hydrazides as Organocatalysts for Cycloaddition Reactions Biggs R.A., $Ogilvie W.W.
18:00 00993 Cascading Radical Cyclization of Bis-vinyl Ethers: A Mechanistic Investigation $O'Rourke N.F., Davies K.A., *Wulff J.E.
18:00 00994 An Approach Toward the Total Synthesis of Didemnaketal A $Davy J., Bromba C., Moreau B., *Wulff J.
18:00 00995 Synthetic Substrates for a New Capillary Electrophoresis Laser-Induced Fluorescence Protease Activity Assay Wiebe M., Craig D.B., *$Wood T.E.
18:00 00996 Synthesis of Hydroxamic Acid Histone Deacetylase-6 Inhibitors and Evaluation of Isoform Selectivity W'Giorgis Z., *$Wood T.E.
18:00 00997 Tripeptide Chymotrypsin Substrates for a New Capillary Electrophoresis Laser-Induced Fluorescence Activity Assay Kosowan J., Craig D.B., *$Wood T.E.
18:00 00998 Investigation of Substituent Effects Upon the Truce-Smiles Rearrangement of Nitrophenoxy 3-Butyronitrile Aryl Ethers Grewal R., *$Wood T.E.
18:00 00999 Effect of Zeolite Composition on Two-Photon Absorption of Simple Organic Chromophores Pettipas S., Cozens F.L., *$Schepp N.P.
18:00 01000 Supramolecular Assistance In Assymetric Catalysis Gravel J., Gauchot V., *Schmitzer A.R.
18:00 01001 High Pressures to Promote Diels-Alder Reactions Between Diazo Compounds and Various Dienes Landschoot B.K., *Humenny W.J., $Kerr M.A.
18:00 01002 Useful Molecular Complexity Generated by a Gramine-type Fragmentation of a Meldrums Acid Moiety Armstrong E.L., $Kerr M.A.
18:00 01003 Towards the Synthesis of a New Pd-Phosphine Catalyst for the Buchwald-Hartwig Reaction Chojnacka M.W., Viirre R.D., Gossage R.A.
18:00 01004 Synthesis and Investigation of the Liquid Crystalline Properties of Novel Substituted Dibenzanthracenes Psutka K.M., Williams J., Paquette J., *$Maly K.E.
18:00 01005 meso-Functionalized BODIPY Dyes: Effect of C2 and C6 Substitution on Electrophilicity, Photostability and Excited State Energy Levels Lincoln R., Greene L., Krumova K., $Cosa G.

OR1 - The Chemistry and Biology of Natural Products posters

18:00 01006 Phytochemical Analysis of Boreal Draba (Draba borealis DC, Brassicaceae) *$Montaut S., Chiari L., Montagut-Romans A.
18:00 01007 Mechanistic Investigations of DcsC, a PLP-independent Racemase Dietrich D., van Belkum M.J., *$Vederas J.C.
18:00 01008 Chemistry of Haircolor: Advantages and Disadavantages *$Nazari M., Nazari K.
18:00 01009 Anti-Renin Alkaloids from Nauclea latifolia Agmouh A.A., Sintra E.R., *$Ata A., Aluko R.E.
18:00 01010 Phytochemical Studies on Genus Buxus Lam C.W., Al-Malki M., Gengan R.M., *$Ata A.
18:00 01011 Sequencing the Putative Usnic Acid Polyketide Synthase Gene *Abdel-Hameed M., $Sorensen J.
18:00 01012 The Ring-Closing Metathesis of Unprotected Peptides in Water Cochrane S.A., Huang Z., *$Vederas J.C.
18:00 01013 Incorporation of Partially Assembled Intermediates by the Hypothemycin Polyketide Synthase Norquay A.K., Gao Z., *Vederas J.C.
18:00 01014 A Fungal Ketoreductase Domain that Displays Substrate-dependent Stereospecificity Gao Z., *$Vederas J.C.
18:00 01015 Preparation of Fluorescent Analogues of Neopetrosiamide Towle K.M., Chaytor J.L., Liu H., *$Vederas J.C.
18:00 01016 Synthesis of Phosphopantetheine Thioesters to Investigate the Function of the Condensation Domain in the Biosynthesis of Lovastatin Cochrane R.V.K., Chaytor J.L., Hawranik D.J., *$Vederas J.C.
18:00 01017 Active Site Studies of Arogenate Dehydrogenase & the Purification of its Substrate Rachel N., $Turnbull J.L.
18:00 01018 Synthesis of Phosphonates to Characterize Enzyme-Substrate Interactions in Macrolactonization Argyropoulos P., Pinto A., *$Boddy C.N.
18:00 01019 Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Scandine and the Melodinus Alkaloids Goldberg A.F.G., Stoltz B.M.

OR2 - Symposium on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis in Honour of Howard Alper posters

18:00 01020 Study of 9-anthraldehyde Oxidation with Surface Plasmon Band Irratdiation of Photochemical Synthethized Diamond Supported Gold Nanoparticles *Wee T.L., Schmidt L.C., $Scaiano J.C.
18:00 01021 New Chiral Ligands From 2,5-anhydro-D-mannitol: Towards the Application in Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation Soueidan O.M., Kondapi V., *West F.G.
18:00 01022 Toward Efficient and Green Nanobiocatalysis by the Nanostructured Porous Materials $Salehi Siavashani E., *Adhami F., Nazari K.
18:00 01023 Catalysis with Boron Eisenberger P., Bailey A.M., $Crudden C.M.
18:00 01024 Hydrogenation of Disubstituted Arenes with Metal Nanoparticles as Catalysts *Claver C., Godard C., Llop J.
18:00 01025 Phosphorus-Containing Copolymers for Supported Catalysis Hey T.W., Hsieh T., $Gates D.P.
18:00 01026 Syntheses of Fluoroalkyltin Clusters and Their Applications to Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions *Orita A., Tokunaga T., Otera J.
18:00 01027 Nanoparticle Catalyzed Redox Processes in Tetraalkylphosphonium Ionic Liquids Banerjee A., $Scott R.W.J.
18:00 01028 Chemoselectivity of the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction with Aryl Secondary Boronic Esters Moore B., $Crudden C.M.
18:00 01029 Mono(2-Aminopyridinato) Titanium Catalyst for Aminoalkene Hydroamination Chong E., $Schafer L.L., Kempe R.
18:00 01030 Synthesis and Nucleophilic Reactivity of Cobalt Fluorocarbenes Harrison D.J., Lee G.M., Gorelsky S., Korobkov I., *$Baker R.T.
18:00 01031 Asymmetric Homogeneous Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids de Winter T., *$Jessop P.
18:00 01032 Selective a-Alkylation of Saturated N-Heterocycles via Hydroaminoalkylation using Tantalum Amidate Precatalysts Payne P.R., *Eisenberger P., $Schafer L.L.
18:00 01033 Solvent-Free Isomerizations of Allylic Alcohols Catalyzed by a Rhodium Catalyst-Organic Framework Corkum E.G., Kalapugama S., Hass M.J., *$Bergens S.H.
18:00 01034 Ruthenium Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Racemic a-Chiral Amides: Accessing Amines and Chiral Alcohols Via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution John J.M., *$Bergens S.H.
18:00 01035 The Suzuki Reaction: a Mechanistic and Kinetic Study by ESI-MS Logan J.R., *McIndoe J.S., Ahmadi Z.

OR3 - Symposium in Honour of Edward Piers posters

18:00 01036 Aziridine-2-carboxylic Acid-containing Cyclic Tetrapeptides: Synthesis and Reactivity White C.J., $Yudin A.K.

OR4 - Advances in Synthetic Methods posters

18:00 01037 Pronounced Ligand Effects in the First Well-defined Silver(I)-Complex-Catalyzed Cycloaddition of Azides onto Terminal Alkynes Keskar K., *$McNulty J.
18:00 01038 Development of New Methodologies for the Construction of C-C and C-N Bonds Using Alkylbismuth Reagents *$Gagnon A.
18:00 01039 The Total Synthesis of (R)-8-hydroxy-6,7-dimethoxy-1-(4-iodobenzyl)-2-((R)-1-phenylethyl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroiso- quinoline (1) the Precursor of Bisbenzyltetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids (-)-cycleanine Dakhil O., *Georghiou P.
18:00 01040 Electrophile-Induced Rearrangement Reactions of Vinylboronates for C-C Bond Formation Yakiwchuk J., Fainman S., *$McCubbin J.A.
18:00 01041 Allylic Alcohol Rearrangement - Diels-Alder Sequence for the Synthesis of Bi- and Tricyclic Ring Systems Voth S., *$McCubbin J.A.
18:00 01042 Formation of Optically Pure Cyclic Amines by Intramolecular Conjugate Displacement Cheng P., Clive D.L.J.
18:00 01043 Efforts Towards an Asymmetric Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling of Polyboronylalkanes with Aryl Halides Sun H.-Y., *$Hall D.G.
18:00 01044 Stereoselective Installation of Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds Using Amphoteric Molecules Liew S.K., $Yudin A.K.
18:00 01045 SNAr and Nitrile Hydrolysis using KF/Alumina Under Solvent-free Conditions Jones-Mensah E., Durrant J., *$Magolan J.
18:00 01046 Novel Lewis Acid Promoted Asymmetric Diels Alder Reactions Warner T.G., $Keay B.A.
18:00 01047 A Dieckmann Cyclization Route to 2,5-Piperazinediones *Larrivee Aboussafy C., $Clive D.L.J.
18:00 01048 Mild Vanadium Catalyzed Desymmetrization of Tertiary Allylic Alcohols Fradette R.J., Rieder C.J., *$West F.G.
18:00 01049 A Novel Approach Towards the Synthesis of Faveline- and Icetexane-Diterpenes by Electrophilic Cyclization of Vinylogous Propargyl-Acetate-Co2(CO)6 Complexes Kolodziej I., $Green J.R.
18:00 01050 Solvent-free Aerobic Dehydrogenation on the Surface of Ferric Oxide and Silica Karki M., Araujo H., *$Magolan J.
18:00 01051 An Efficient One-Pot Synthesis for 1,2-disubstituted Tetrazoles from Amide Precursors Maillet R., $Ling C.C.
18:00 01052 An Approach Towards the Enantioselective Construction of the Tetracyclic Core of the Sarpagine Alkaloids Hughes J.M.E., *Wee A.G.H.
18:00 01053 Synthesis of Heteroaromatics via One-pot Solvent-free Cyclization and Aerobic Dehydrogenation Araujo H., Karki M., *$Magolan J.
18:00 01054 Efficient Synthesis of Benzimidazoles using Two Heterogeneous Catalysts in One Pot Weires N.A., Boster J., *$Magolan J.

OR5 - Small Molecule Drug Design and Development posters

18:00 01055 Boron-Containing Capsaicin Derivatives for the Treatment of Cancer Ramsaywack S., Decken A., Fontaine F.-G., Culf A.S., *$Westcott S.A.
18:00 01056 Synthesis and Cytocidal Activity of a Series of 7a-Testosterone Amides as Potential Anticancer Agents *$Bérubé G., Morin N., Bruneau J., Brasseur K., Leblanc V., Asselin É.
18:00 01057 Development of Novel anti-Influenza Virus A Agents Adabala P.J., Mohan S., *$Pinto B.M.
18:00 01058 Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidinone Derivatives as Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Prevalent Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence Factor Exotoxin A in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis *Shkoor M., Rochon A., $Schwan A.
18:00 01059 Synergistic Modulation of Stereochemistry and Side-chain-to-backbone Cyclization in Anti-inflammatory Peptide Mimic Modulators of the IL-1 Receptor St-Cyr D.J., Beauregard K., Bernard-Gauthier V., *$Lubell W.D.
18:00 01060 Enhancing Therapeutic Potentials of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA) through Synthesis and Metabolism Studies of novel Phenol and Catechol NDGA Analogues Asiamah I., Maloney K.A., *$Krol E.S.
18:00 01061 Second Generation Purine Inhibitors of Stat3 Show Greater Than 6-fold Increased Activity Over Previous Library Shahani V.M., Ball D.P., $Gunning P.T.
18:00 01062 Multivalent Salicylic Acid Based Small Molecule Inhibitors of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases Ball D.P., Haftchenary S., Aubry I., Page B.D.G., Shahani V.M., Tremblay M., $Gunning P.T.
18:00 01063 Design and Synthesis of Glutathione Peroxidase Mimetics Press D.J., $Back T.G.
18:00 01064 Studies Related to Glutathione Peroxidase Mimetics McNeil N.M.R., Press D.J., *$Back T.G.
18:00 01065 Progress Toward the Synthesis of Labeled Derivatives of the Cystic Fibrosis Drug, Ivacaftor Elmallah S., *$Viirre R.D.
18:00 01066 Amines with Boron: Good for your Wood! Bowes E.G., Campbell-Verduyn L.S., Smash L.T., Vogels C.M., Decken A., Baerlocher F.J., Betsch M.P., *$Westcott S.A.
18:00 01067 Novel Capsaicin Derivatives for the Treatment of Cancer Patterson A.E., Bowes E.G., Fontaine F.-G., Culf A.S., Ramsaywack S., Decken A., *$Westcott S.A.
18:00 01068 Design and Synthesis of Novel Inhibitors of the Influenza A Virus Neuraminidase Jabari N., $Pinto B.M.
18:00 01069 Umbrella-rotaxanes : Towards New Vehicles for Anions and Drugs Transporters Richard-Daniel J., Chhun C., $Schmitzer A.R.
18:00 01070 Synthesis of an Inhibitor of Glutamate-1-Semialdehyde Aminomutase Nadeau A.K., *$Sorensen J.L.

OR6 - Applied Photochemistry in Health Research posters

18:00 01071 New Colored-substrates for Facile Determination of Activity and Biocatalytic Parameters of Chloroperoxidase $Najjar-Safari A., *Nazari K., Adhami F., Mahmoudi A.
18:00 01072 Optimising Two-photon Photodynamic Therapy in the Chicken CAM Model Probodh I., *$Cramb D.T.
18:00 01073 Synthesis of Photo-affinity Probes to Determine Site and Specificity of Inhibitor Binding in MRSA Bagha B.S., Jonadass J.P.S., *Kumar N.S., $Young R.N.
18:00 01074 Do all Fluorescent Proteins React with Singlet Oxygen? Gutierrez R., Valencia-Perez A.Z., *$Heyne B.

OR7 - Carbohydrate Chemistry and Glycobiology posters

18:00 01075 Anti-Bacterial Activity of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase Inhibitors Borrelli S., Mohan S., *$Pinto B.M.
18:00 01076 Characterization of Carbohydrate Binding Domain of Clostridium diffcile Toxin A Zhang P., Eugenio L., Ng K.K.-S., *Ling C.-C.
18:00 01077 Easily Accessible Mannosides *Al-Mughaid H., Twibanire J.-d'.K., $Grindley T.B.
18:00 01078 Synthesis of Sugar Phosphates that are Putative Intermediates in Aminosugar Biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis. Jagdhane R., Anjum S., *$Palmer D.R.
18:00 01079 Efficient Synthesis of a Novel a-Cyclodextrin-based Capsule Wang A.X., Li W.L., *Ling C.-C.
18:00 01080 Computational Study of Hydroxyproline Oligo-glycopeptides Naziga E.B., Schweizer F., *$Wetmore S.D.
18:00 01081 Progress Towards the Synthesis of the Chimeric Glycopeptide Corresponding to the Shigella flexneri Y O- Polysaccharide and its Peptide Mimic MDWNMHAA Challa V.R., Hossany R.B., *$Pinto B.M.

ORMacleod E1

Ligand Design (joint with IN4)

13:40 See IN4.

17:20 End of Session

ORMacleod D

Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials

13:40 Joint with MT and IN - See MT2.

17:40 End of Session


Teaching Organic Chemistry (joint with CE3)

13:40 See CE3.

17:00 End of Session

PT2Glen 204

Fuel Cell Materials for Clean Energy Options (joint with MT)

Organizer(s) - V. Birss, S. Ye
Chair(s) - M. Eikerling, D. Guay

13:40 01083 Electrocatalytic Activity of Preferentially-oriented {100} Pt Thin Films and Nanowires *Guay D., $Garbarino S., Roy C., Bertin E., Martin M.H., Ponrouch A.
14:20 01084 Cathode Design Challenges for PEM Automotive Fuel Cells *$Davis M., Andrews N., Zhang H., Orha G., Susac D.
14:40 01085 Advanced Analytical Electron Microscopy of Energy-related Materials Nanostructures Botton G.A.
15:00 01086 Synergetic Effects of Polyaniline Supports on the Oxidation of Formic Acid at Pd Nanoparticles *B. Moghaddam R., $Pickup P.G.
15:20 01087 Stability and Durability Study of Sulfonated Ceramic Carbon Electrodes for Fuel Cells via Electrochemical Analysis Eastcott J.I., *$Easton E.B.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01088 The Impact of Hose Contaminants on Fuel Cell Performance and Stack Systems Bos M.L.
16:40 01089 The Use of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Accelerated Degradation Testing of PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers *$Easton E.B., Saleh F.S.
17:00 01090 Electrocatalytic Activity of TiO2-supported PtAu Nanoparticles Towards Formic Acid Oxidation Chen S., Malig M., Tian M., *Chen A.
17:20 End of Session


Multiscale Bio/Physical/Chemical Modelling

Organizer(s) - D. Salahub, P. Noskov, P. Tieleman
Chair(s) - S. Noskov, R. Pomes

13:40 01091 Proton Transport Mechanism in Amt Proteins Lamoureux G.
14:20 01092 Diffusion in Phase Separated Ternary Bilayers by Microsecond Molecular Dynamics Simulation Sandar M.L., *$Lyman E.L.
15:00 01093 Computational Model of the Reduction of Oxidised Glutathione Peroxidase Mimics with Thiol Heverly-Coulson G.S., *Boyd R.J.
15:20 01094 A Study of Coherence Time and Quantum Purity *Nassimi A., $Salahub D., Kauffman S
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01095 Specificity, Mechanism and Membrane Organization of ATP Synthases *$Faraldo-Gómez J.D.
16:40 01096 Solvation Effects on Physical Properties and Biological Functions of Biomolecular Complexes: Perspective of Molecular Theory of Solvation *Blinov N., $Kovalenko A.
17:00 01097 Protein Engineering Studies for the Derivation of Atomistic Models of Open, Closed and Open-Inactivated States of hERG1 Channel using ROSETTA Protein Modeling Suite and Molecular Dynamics Simulations $Durdagi S., Deshpande S., Duff H., *Noskov S.
17:20 End of Session


Solid State NMR

Organizer(s) - R. Wasylishen
Chair(s) - R. Wasylishen

13:40 01098 Atomic-Level Studies of Interfacial Chemistry: Coupling Solid-State NMR and Other Spectroscopic Results with Computational Chemistry Mueller K.T., Washton N.M., Murphy K.A., Sanders R.L., Suchy D.L., Ortiz-Rivera L.
14:20 01099 NMR Studies of Nuclear Waste Materials: Cutting Through Compositional and Morphological Complexity Kroeker S.
14:40 01100 High Temperature MAS NMR Studies of Molybdate Chemistry in Nuclear Waste Disposal Wren J.E.C., *$Kroeker S.
15:00 01101 7Li and 17O NMR Studies of Reaction Mechanisms in Li-Air Batteries Reeve Z., Leskes M., Grey C.P., *Goward G.R.
15:20 01102 Multinuclear Solid-State NMR of Octahedral YF3 Nanoparticles Lucier B.E.G., *$Schurko R.W., Lemyre J.-L., Ritcey A.M.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01103 Effect of Electrostatic Interactions on the Membrane Interactions of Amphiphilic Peptides with Antimicrobial Potential: A Solid-State NMR Study Fillion M., Valois-Paillard G., Lorin A., Noël M., Voyer N., *$Auger M.
16:20 01104 Oxygen-17 NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Systems: Challenge and Progress Wu G.
16:40 01105 A Solid-State 69/71Ga NMR Investigation of Gallium Coordination Compounds Feland B.C., $Wasylishen R.E.
17:00 01106 Probing the Detailed Structure of Cellulose Polymorphs with Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemical Calculations *$Brouwer D.H., Langendoen K.P., Regnerus C., Ferrant Q.
17:20 End of Session

PT7Glen 205

Diversity and Challenges of Inorganic Molecular and Materials Modelling (joint with IN)

Organizer(s) - P. Budzelaar, G. Schreckenbach, T. Woo
Chair(s) - T. Woo, J. Zwanziger

13:40 01107 Olefin Epoxidation Mechanism: A Never Ending Controversy. New Mode of tert-Butylhydroperoxide (TBHP) Activation with 5-Coordinate Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Catalysts *$Poli R., Morlot J., Uyttebroeck N., Agustin D.
14:20 01108 The Mechanisms of Palladium-catalyzed Cross-coupling Reactions Maseras F.
15:00 01109 A Theoretical Approach of the Redox Chemistry of CO2 with Lanthanide and Actinide Complexes *Maron L., Castro L., Kefalidis C.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01110 Theoretical Analysis of Chalcogen···Chalcogen Bonding in E4N4 and E82+ (E = S, Se, Te) Moilanen J., *Tuononen H.M., Chivers T.
16:20 01111 Investigation of Iodine and Bromine Halogen Bonded Complexes Wroblewski W., $Goddard J.D.
16:40 01112 Reaction Mechanism of the Addition of Donor-Substituted Ditetrelynes LEEL (E = Si - Sn; L = NMe2) to Small Substates. A Theoretical Study Frenking G., Herrmann M., Shimizu T.
17:20 End of Session

PTGlen 201

ALD/CVD in Electronics, Photonics and Photovoltaics (joint with SS3)

13:40 See SS3.

17:20 End of Session

PTGlen 209

Applied Nanomaterials (joint with MT3)

13:40 See MT3.

17:20 End of Session


Biophysical Chemistry (joint with BM2)

13:40 See BM2.

17:20 End of Session

SS3Glen 201

ALD/CVD in Electronics, Photonics and Photovoltaics (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - S. Barry, Y. Shi
Chair(s) - Y. Shi

13:40 01113 Designing Novel Devices with Chemically Vapor Deposited Polymers Gleason K.K.
14:20 01114 Directed Deposition of Functional Polymers onto Ionic Liquid Surfaces *$Gupta M., Haller P.D., Frank-Finney R.J., Bradley L.
15:00 01115 Understanding the Molecular-Level Chemistry in Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition for Applications in Electronics, Photonics and Photovoltaics *$Fisher E.R. WITHDRAWN
15:20 01116 Gas-phase Reaction Chemistry of 1,3-Disilacyclobutane in the Hot-wire Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Badran I., *$Shi Y.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 01117 Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Semiconductor Nanowires *$Watkins S.P.
16:40 01118 Nanophotonics and Quantum Information in CVD Diamond Barclay P.E.
17:20 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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