95th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Sunday AM


Developments in ICP Spectrometry and Its Varied Applications

Organizer(s) - D. Beauchemin
Chair(s) - T. Switzer

08:40 00002 What's New in Nebulizers: A Brief Update on ICP & ICP/MS Nebulizers Burgener J.
09:20 00003 Ultrasonic Nebulization with Infrared Heated Pre-evaporation Tube for Sample Introduction in ICP-OES: Application to Geological and Environmental Samples Asfaw A., MacFarlane W., *$Beauchemin D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00004 In-Situ Electrodeposition and Laser Ablation ICP-MS as a Tool to Study Sediment Porewaters Chemistry *Saint-Louis R., Mourgues C., $Simard S.
11:00 00005 Solid Sampling Electrothermal Vaporization Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry for Discrimination of Automotive Paint Samples in Forensic Analysis Asfaw A., $Wibetoe G., *Beauchemin D.
11:20 00006 Experience with the Analysis of Solids using Atomic Spectrometry *$Lamoureux M.M., Warner N., Samson J., Hannon S., Tian Y., Slauenwhite D., Yang X., Broders H., Clough M.
12:00 00007 Solid Sampling Electrothermal Vaporization Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry for the Quantitative Analysis of Clay and Soil Samples Masquelin A.-S., Kaveh F., Asfaw A., Oates C.J., *$Beauchemin D.
12:20 End of Session


Analytical Awards

Organizer(s) - K. Thurbide
Chair(s) - K. Thurbide

E.W.R. Steacie Award lecture:

08:00 00008 In-Vivo Applications of Solid Phase Microextraction *Pawliszyn J.

Fred Beamish Award lecture:

08:40 00009 Proteomics Reboot: Classic Approaches to Protein Sample Preparation Doucette A.

Douglas Ryan Award lecture:

09:20 00010 Non-Target Analysis of Urinary Metabolites by Mass Spectrometry Beach D.G., *$Gabryelski W.
10:00 Coffee Break
W.A.E. McBryde Medal lecture:

10:20 00011 Exploring Functional Nucleic Acids for Bioanalytical Applications *$Li Y.

Maxxam Award lecture:

11:00 00012 Mass Spectrometry Tools to Unravel the Molecular Basis of Adaptive Immunity and Cancer Development *$Thibault P.
11:40 End of Session


Nucleic Acid Chemistry in Memory of M. O’Neill

Organizer(s) - A. Macmillan, S. Zimmerly
Chair(s) - A. MacMillan, S. Zimmerly

08:00 B.M. Pinto tribute to Melanie O'Neill

08:20 00013 Modulation of the HDV Ribozyme with Aptamers that Respond to Boolean Logic Gates *$Perreault J.-P., Rouleau S.
08:40 00014 Frameshifting Efficiency is Not Determined by the Mechanical Stability of RNA Pseudoknots Ritchie D.B., Foster D.A.N., $Woodside M.T.
09:00 00015 Structural Variation and Uniformity Among Tetraloop-Receptor Interactions and Related Loop-Helix Interactions in RNA Crystal Structures Wu L., Chai D., Fraser M.E., *Zimmerly S.
09:20 00016 A Phylogenetically Conserved Hairpin Switch Modulates 6S RNA Transcriptional Regulation Panchapakesan S.S.S., Unrau P.
09:40 00017 Working Towards Understanding the Functions of Bacterial Non-coding RNAs: The Hammerhead Ribozyme and MAEB RNA *$Perreault J., Yang X., Zhu K., Weinberg Z., Roth A., Breaker R.R., Ferbeyre G., Chartrand P.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00018 Expanding the Nucleic Acid Chemist's Toolbox: New Fluorescent Cytidine Analogues *$Hudson R.H.E., Chicas K., Suchy M.
10:40 00019 Synthesis and Properties of C- and O-Linked C8-Aryl-2'-Deoxyguanosine Adducts *$Manderville R.A.
11:00 00020 Modified Nucleosides: Applications to RNA Cleaving DNAzymes, Sensing DNAzymes, and Developing New Classes of Bio-inspired Materials *$Perrin D.M., Hipolito C.J., Lam C.H., Hollenstein M., Liu E., Renders M., Wang Y.
11:20 00021 Selection and Characterization of an Efficient L-RNA-cleaving DNAzyme Tram K., *Xia J., $Li Y.
11:40 00022 Effect of Solvent on DNA Hybridization and Melting Studied by DNA-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles *$Liu J.
12:00 00023 Time-dependent Motor Properties of Nucleic-Acid-based Molecular Spiders Samii L., Curmi P.M.G., Linke H., Zuckermann M.J., *$Forde N.R.
12:20 End of Session

BMGlen 209

Applied Nanomaterials

08:00 Joint with MT and PT - see MT3.

12:20 End of Session


Applied Photochemistry in Health Research (joint with OR6)

08:40 See OR6.

12:20 End of Session

BMGlen 203

Polymeric Nanotechnology: Applications in Biomedical Imaging and Drug Delivery (joint with MS5)

08:00 See MS5.

12:00 End of Session


Challenges in Teaching Chemistry

Organizer(s) - W. Benoit
Chair(s) - A. Causton

08:00 00024 What are Labs for ? Gauthier J.M.
08:20 00025 Synthesis, NMR and Kinetic Studies of Silver Complexes with Alkyl Substituted Pyridines as a Platform for an Inter-Disciplinary Upper Level Chemistry Laboratory Experience Monga V., *Bussiere G., $Crichton P.
08:40 00026 Teaching and Learning with Online Chemistry Labs Brewer S.E., Cinel B., Harrison M., Mohr C.
09:00 00027 Searching For Alternatives When Faculty Resources Are Limited: Can An Advanced Organic Lab Course Mimic The Fourth Year Research Project Experience? *Sauer E.L.O., Mikhaylichenko S.
09:20 00028 The Challenge of Creating a Course in Industrial Chemistry *$Forde C.E.
09:40 00029 The Chemical World: Engaging the Non-Science Major Sandblom N.T.A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00030 Teaching the Sophomore Organic Course Without a Lecture. Are You Crazy? Jones Jr. M.
11:00 00031 Duelling Bonding Theories: Identifying and Preventing Misconceptions in Students' Use of Molecular Bonding Models Kohout J.D., *$McNeil W.S.
11:20 00032 Student and Instructor Perceptions of the Pros and Cons of Integrated, Inquiry-Based Laboratories in Chemistry and Integrated Science (iSci) $Pantaleo A., *Lock P.E.
11:40 00033 Teaching Scientific Writing in a First-Year Chemistry Laboratory Lofgreen J.E., Browning C.S., *Dicks A.P.
12:00 00034 Re-Visiting Conceptual vs. Algorithmic Problems *$McWilliams A.R., George N., Koloszyc M., Falenchuk O.
12:20 End of Session

EN4Macleod A4

Metals in the Environment

Organizer(s) - C. Le, L. Evans, P. Hunstman-Mapila, F. Wang
Chair(s) - C. Le, H. Peng

08:20 00035 Arsenic Speciation in the Freshwater Environment *Cullen W.R., Lai V.W.-M., Moriary M., Koch I., Reimer K.J., Kanaki K., Pergantis S.A.
09:00 00036 The Arsenic Methylation Cycle $Rosen B.P., Marapakala K., Abdul Ajees A.A., Packianathan C., Yoshinaga M., Cai Y.
09:40 00037 Arsenic Speciation in Poultry Litter by HPLC-ICP-MS Yang Z., Lu X., Geisel J., *Le X.C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00038 The Role of Arsenic Speciation in Exposure Assessment and the Need to Include Bioaccessibility and Biotransformation *$Creed J.T., Creed P.A., Pinyayev T., Wilson R.A., Mantha M., Yeary E., Schwegel C., Xue J., Kohan M., Herbin-Davis K., Thomas D., Trent J., Kubachka K., Hanley T., Shockey N., Heitkemper D., Caruso J.
11:00 00039 ETV-ICP-MS as a Powerful Analytical Technique for Trace Metals Determination in Environment Hu B.
11:40 00040 Metals and Metalloids in Seal Livers Koch I., Moriarty M.M., Chagnon D., Brown T., Reimer K.J.
12:00 00041 Determination of Arsenobetaine in Fish Tissue by Species Specific Isotope Dilution LC-LTQ-Orbitrap-MS Yang, Ouerdane, Meija, Bakirdere, Windust, *$Mester Z.
12:20 End of Session

EN5Macleod A2,3

Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry

Organizer(s) - H.D. Osthoff, D. Gamble
Chair(s) - E.T. Krogh, B.D. Wagner

08:20 00042 Self-sensitized Photocatalytic Reactions of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in Water *$Langford C.H., Chamoli U., Izadifard M., Achari G.
09:00 00043 Selection of Photocatalysts for Drinking Water Treatment $Izadifard M., *Langford C.H., Achari G.
09:20 00044 Photochemical Transformatoin of the Antibiotics Sulfapyridine and Sulfamethoxazole in the Aquatic Environment Challis J.K., Carlson J.C., Hanson M.L., Friesen K.J., Wong C.S.
09:40 00045 Surface Modification of Tungsten Oxide with Trace Iron Oxide for Improvement of Organic Photodegradation $Bi D., *Xu Y.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00046 Road Salt and Associated Contaminants in Winter Urban Runoff *$Exall K., Rochfort Q., McFadyen R., Marsalek J.
10:40 00047 Biochar Binds and Releases Molecules Slowly but with a Capacity that Approaches the Binding Capacity of Activated Charcoal *$Edwards R.A., Yue W.
11:00 00048 Characterization of Priority Organic Compound Releases to Prairie Rural Waters from Wastewater Treatment Lagoons Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Anderson J.C., Low J.E., *Wong C.S., Hanson M.L.
11:20 00049 Occurrence and Fate of Pharmaceuticals in Four Wastewater Treatment Plants Guerra P., Kim M., Barclay K., Alaee M., *Smyth S.A.
11:40 00050 Pharmaceutical and Nutrient Fate in Manipulative Constructed Wetland Mesocosms Low J.E., Cardinal P., Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Beattie S.A., Bartel C.N., Elliott A.D., Lokesh S., Montero-Rodriguez O., Favreau A., Knapp C.K., Hanson M.L., *$Wong C.S.
12:00 00051 Fate and Effects of Pharmaceuticals in Outdoor Mesocosms after Pre-treatment Harvesting of Typha spp. Cardinal P., Low J.E., Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Beattie S.A., Bartel C.N., Elliott A.D., Favreau A., Lokesh S., Montero-Rodriguez O., *$Wong C.S., Hanson M.L.
12:20 End of Session

IN2Macleod E3

Metal Mediated Polymerization (joint with MS)

Organizer(s) - M. Shaver, P. Hayes
Chair(s) - P. Hayes

08:20 00052 New Alkaline Earth and Rare Earth Initiators for the Ring-opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide Clark L., Cushion M.G., Dyer H.E., Unruangsri J., *$Mountford P.
09:00 00053 Ring-opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters using Zinc and Lithium Amine-phenolate Complexes *$Kerton F.M., Ikpo N., Hoffmann C.
09:20 00054 Complex Geometry and Catalyst Performance in Lactide Polymerization with Diketiminate Complexes Whitehorne T.J., Druoin F., Vabre B., *Schaper F.
09:40 00055 Cationic Zinc Lactide Polymerization Catalysts Supported by Chiral Bisphosphinimine Pincer Ligands *Sun H., $Hayes P.G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00056 Discrete Complexes of Divalent Main Group Metals: Stabilization with Secondary Interactions and Mechanisms in the Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters *Sarazin Y., Liu B., Poirier V., Carpentier J.F.
11:00 00057 Synthesis of 3-coordinate Diamido Aluminum Complexes for Applications in the Ring Opening Polymerizations of Cyclic Esters *$Foley S.R., Wu S.-C., Schatte G.
11:20 00058 Isoselective Polymerization of Lactide with Chiral Indium Complexes *$Mehrkhodavandi P., Aluthge D.C., Yu I., Osten K.M., Xu C.
11:40 00059 Postmetallocene Catalysts for the Stereoselective Polymerization of Petroleum and Biomass Derived Monomers Okuda J.
12:20 End of Session

IN3Macleod E2

Symposium on the Applications of Physical Methods to Coordination Chemistry in Honour of Barry Lever

Organizer(s) - R.J. Crutchley
Chair(s) - R.J. Crutchley, P.C. Ford

08:00 00060 Nanomaterial Antennae in Photo-delivery of Bioactive Molecules *$Ford P.C., Garcia J., Burks P., Pierri A., Crisalli M.
08:40 00061 Raman Spectromicroscopy and X-ray Powder Diffraction Studies of Selected Inorganic Materials Under Extreme Conditions *$Butler I.S.
09:00 00062 Silicon Nanocrystals: Why Do Some Colloidal Si-NCs Exhibit Size Dependent Photoluminescence While Others Simply Have the Blues? *$Veinot J.G.C., Dasog M., Regli S., Yang Z.
09:20 00063 catena-Phosphorus Cations *$Burford N., Carpenter Y-Y, Conrad E.
09:40 00064 Electronic Spectroscopy of Gold(I) Compounds. Luminescence Properties and Intermolecular Interactions *Reber C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00065 Electrochemistry of Multilayer Films Based on Mixed-valent Dinuclear Ru Complexes Bearing Tetrapod Phosphonate Groups *$Haga M., Nakabayashi T.
11:00 00066 Binuclear Ruthenium Complexes Bridged by Verdazyl Radicals: A New Spin on Mixed Valence McKinnon S.D.J., *Hicks R.G., Lever A.B.P.
11:20 00067 New Redox-Active Metallo-Phthalocyanines and Related Isoindoline-based Complexes: Preparation, Structure and Properties *Leznoff D.B.
11:40 00068 Spectroscopic Effects of Potential Surface Coupling: Interference Dips and Excited Sate Mixed Valence Zink J.I.
12:00 End of Session

IN4Macleod E1

Ligand Design (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - S. Johnson, T. Storr
Chair(s) - S. Johnson, T. Hayton

08:00 00069 Development of a New Class of Anionic N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands: Structural Analysis and Catalytic Activity Guernon H., *$Legault C.Y.
08:20 00070 A Thorough Investigation of N-H Bond Activation Mediated by Rhodium and Iridium Bis(phosphino)silyl Pincer Complexes Morgan E., $Turculet L.
08:40 00071 Ligand Effects in the Metal-Mediated Radical Reactivity of CpCr(LX) Complexes *Smith K.M.
09:00 00072 Ligand Designs Based on Amido and Phosphine Donor Combinations Wambach T.C., Halcovitch N.R., Wence L., *$Fryzuk M.D.
09:20 00073 Ligand Design for Base Metal Catalysis and Asymmetric Variants *$Chirik P.J., Monfette S., Hoyt J.M., Darmon J.M., Friedfeld M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00074 Synthesis and Characterization of New Alkali Metal and Transition Metal Corrole Complexes Buckley H.L., Gryko D.T., $Arnold J.
10:40 00075 Utilizing Metal-Ligand Bifunctional Reactivity for the Activation of Small Molecules Employing a Tripodal Aminophosphine Ruthenium Complex Sgro M.J., $Stephan D.W.
11:00 00076 Ambiphilic Molecules: Exploring a Novel Paradigm in Coordination Chemistry *$Fontaine F.-G., Boudreau J., Courtemanche M.-A., Desroches M.
11:20 00077 NHC Based PCP Pincer Ligands and their Transition Metal Complexes *Borau-Garcia J., $Roesler R., Tuononen H.M.
11:40 00078 The Evolution of a Copper Precursor: Ligand Design and Thermolysis *$Barry S.T., Coyle J.P.
12:00 End of Session

IN8Glen 201


Organizer(s) - R. Roesler
Chair(s) - E. Rivard

08:00 00079 Aminoboranes, Phosphinoboranes and Alkenes: Isoelectronic Species with Contrasting Reactivity Towards H2 Robertson A.P.M., Whittell G.R., Staubitz A., Lee K., *Manners I.
08:20 00080 Controlled Photo Release of B(C6F5)3: A Photo Lewis Acid Generator Khalimon A.Y., Marwitz A.J.V., *Piers W.E.
08:40 00081 Insights into the Mechanism of Metal-Free Hydrogen Transfer Between Amine-Boranes and Aminoboranes *Leitao E.M., Robertson A.P.M., Stubbs N.E., Helten H., Lloyd-Jones G.C., $Manners I.
09:00 00082 Reactivity of Saturated Ruthenium Acetylide Complexes with Electrophilic Boranes Boone M.P., $Stephan D.W.
09:20 00083 Light-Enabled Unusual C-H Activation of N, C-Chelate Organoboron Compounds Rao Y., Amarne H., Chen L., *$Wang S.
09:40 00084 Reactivity of Vinylborane Ligands with Low-Valent Late Transition Metals Mehta M., Kolpin K.B., *$Emslie D.J.H.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00085 Di- and Triblock Copolymers Involving P=C Multiple Bonds $Conrad E.D., *Gates D.P.
10:40 00086 Synthesis and Characterization of Chalcogenophosphonium Cations Lucas S.H., *$Burford N.
11:00 00087 Studies on 1,2,4-Dithiazolyls, a New Class of Sulphur-Nitrogen Radicals Hayward J.J., *Rawson J.M.
11:20 00088 Synthesis and characterization of N-(triethoxysilylmethyl)phthalimide, N-((2,8,9-trioxa-5-aza-1-sila-bicyclo[]undecan-1-yloxy)methyl)phthalimide, N-((sila-2,10,11-trioxa-6-aza-3,4;8,9;12,13-tris(4,6-dimethylbenzo)[]tricyclotetradecane)methyl))phthalimide. Mangat S., *$Singh G.
11:40 00089 Advanced Energetic Matererials: Compounds and Strategies Klapötke T.M., Piercey D.G., Stierstorfer J.
12:00 00090 Analysis of Bonding and Electronic Properties of Heavier Congeners of Alkene and Alkyne Based on NOCV-ETS and SF-CV-DFT Calculations Seidu I., *Ziegler T.
12:20 End of Session

INGlen 205

Diversity and Challenges of Inorganic Molecular and Materials Modelling (joint with PT7)

08:00 See PT7.

12:20 End of Session

INMacleod D

Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials (joint with MT2)

08:00 See MT2.

12:20 End of Session

INMacleod C

Symposium on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis in Honour of Howard Alper (joint with OR2)

08:00 See OR2.

12:20 End of Session

MS4Glen 202

Modern Methods in Polymer Synthesis (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - E. Gillies
Chair(s) - C. Luscombe, E. Gillies

08:40 00091 Living and Immortal Polymerization of Cyclic Esters Leading to Amphiphilic Block Copolymers *$Mehrkhodavandi P., Xu C., Othman N.
09:20 00092 New and Old Catalysts for the Immortal and Stereocontrolled Polymerization of Cyclic Esters *Shaver M.P., Cross E.D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00093 On-Substrate Polymerization: Rapid Preparation of Conjugated Step-Growth Polymers Skalski T., Sicard L., Barik S., Tran. C., *$Skene W.
11:00 00094 Creating New Architectures for Semiconducting Polymers *Luscombe C.K., Yuan M.J., Okamoto K., Durban M., Boyd S.D., Doubina N.
11:40 00095 Synthesis and Properties of Low Bandgap Chromogenic Polymers *Wang Z.Y., Qian G., Li D., Abu H., Qi J.
12:20 End of Session

MS5Glen 203

Polymeric Nanotechnology: Applications in Biomedical Imaging and Drug Delivery (joint with BM)

Organizer(s) - J. Oh, M. Shoichet
Chair(s) - J. Oh, M. Shoichet

08:00 00096 Confined Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microgel-Based Films for Controlled/Triggered Small Molecule Delivery *$Serpe M.J., Dykstra T.
08:40 00097 Self-Immolative Biodegradable Polymers: New Polymer Backbones and Applications DeWit M.A., Chen E., Wong A., McBride R., *$Gillies E.R.
09:00 00098 Amphiphilic Cell-Interactive Polymeric Biomaterials in Therapeutic Delivery *$Uludag H., Rose L., Landry B., Aliabadi M.
09:20 00099 Rapid and Tunable Degradation of New Thiol-responsive Block Copolymer Micelles for Potential Drug Delivery Applications Aleksanian S., Mendez-Nelson A., *$Oh J.K.
09:40 00100 Magnetically Engineered Smart Nanomaterials and Biopolymer Thin Films for Lab-on-Chip Molecular Imaging *$Ahmad N., Arshad A., Ahsan A., Aziz A., Ali O., Nauman N., Faraz A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00101 Synthetic Hydrogels for Cell-based Therapies *$Stover H.D.H., Gardner C., Kleinberger R., Burke N., Potter M.
10:40 00102 Design of New Dendrimers for Bio-Related Applications *$Morin J.-F., Arseneault M., Levesque I.
11:00 00103 Development of a Non-Viral Delivery System for siRNA in Treatment of Leukemia $Sahin B., Landry B., *Uludag H.
11:20 00104 Functionalization of Bis-MPA Dendrimers with Acyloxymethyl Ketone Derivatives to Target Cathepsin B Sadowski L.P., Edem P., Valliant J.F., $Adronov A.
11:40 00105 Polymeric Nanoparticles for Targeted Chemotherapeutic Delivery Shoichet M.S., Lu J., Ho K., Owen S., Chan D., Logie J.
12:20 End of Session

MSMacleod E3

Metal Mediated Polymerization (joint with IN2)

08:20 See IN2.

12:20 End of Session

MT2Macleod D

Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials (joint with IN)

Organizer(s) - E. Zysman-Colman, D.F. Perepichka, C. Berlinguette
Chair(s) - C. Berlinguette, E. Zysman-Colman

08:00 00106 Assembly of Organic Semiconducting 1D Nano and Micro-Materials based on Functional Small Molecules *Wang Y.
08:20 00107 Novel Thiophene Based Donor-Acceptor Polymers for Solar Cells Applications Pron A., Leclerc M.
08:40 00108 Functional Thiophene-based Nanomaterials for Organic Photovoltaics Bäuerle P.
09:20 00109 New Strategies for the Preparation of Graphitic Materials *$Morin J.-F., Neabo Romeo J., Cantin K., Rondeau-Gagné S.
09:40 00110 Indigo: Optical Allusions *Hicks R.G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00111 Photochemical Upconversion: Sensitized Triplet Fusion *$Castellano F.N.
11:00 00112 The Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphorescent, bis-Cyclometalated Platinum(IV) Complexes *$Bernhard S., Jenkins D.M.
11:20 00113 Photofunctional Coordination Complexes with p-Conjugated Ligands *$Wolf M.O.
11:40 00114 Exploring the Scope of Aza-Dipyrromethene based Homoleptic Complexes for Light-Harvesting Applications Bessette A., Ferrera J., Bélanger F., Désilets D., *$Hanan G.S.
12:00 00115 Precise Work Function Control of Cathodic Buffer Layers for Air Stable Organic Photovoltaics *Worfolk B.J., Hauger T.C., Harris K.D., Beaupré S., Leclerc M., $Buriak J.M.
12:20 End of Session

MT3Glen 209

Applied Nanomaterials (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - D. Cramb, S. Trudel
Chair(s) - S. Trudel

08:00 00116 Synthesis and Characterization of Molybdenum Carbides Nano(n)-Particles for Catalytic Bitumen Upgrading *Guzman H., Scott C., $Pereira-Almao P.
08:20 00117 Long Term Stability ( > 6 months) of Lead Based Quantum Dots in Water, Saline Buffers, and Biological Media Through a Faile Surface Modification Process Pichaandi J., Abel K.A., Johnson N.J.J, *$van Veggel F.C.J.M
08:40 00118 Carboxylated Polythiophene Nanowires for Improved Morphology in Organic Photovoltaics Harris K.D., Worfolk B.J., Li W., Li P., Hauger T.C., Luber E.J., Buriak J.M.
09:00 00119 Silicon Thin Films: A Potential Replacement for ITO? $Dasog M., Smith L.F., *Veinot J.G.C.
09:20 00120 Nanohybrids for Photovoltaics (PVs) and Catalysis *$Ma D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00121 Auger Processes in Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals *$Gamelin D.R., Beaulac R., Bradshaw L.R., Hauser A., McLaurin E.J., Weaver A.L., White M.A.
11:00 00122 Is More Always Better? Germanium Nanoparticle Formation from Differently Substituted Molecular Precursors Hoffman M., $Veinot J.G.C.
11:20 00123 Surface Plasmon - Enhanced Up-conversion from NaYF4:Yb/Er/Gd Nano-Rods for Photovoltaic $Wang P.H., Li Z.Q., Salcedo W.J., Sun Z., Huang S.M., *Brolo A.G.
11:40 00124 Spontaneously Formed Waveguide Lattices and their Optical Properties Ponte M.R., *$Saravanamuttu K.
12:00 00125 Hollow Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Applied as Active Oxidation Catalysis Rak M.J., Lerro M.C., $Moores A.
12:20 End of Session

MT5Macleod A1


Organizer(s) - G. Shimizu
Chair(s) - G. Shimizu

08:00 00126 Mechanism of Sulfurization of GaAs by Acidified Thiourea Khader M.
08:20 00127 Formation of Structured Silica Particles from Biologically Inert Sol-gels within Hydrophobic Media Rajendra V., *$Brook M.A. WITHDRAWN
08:40 00128 Photoinduced Carbene Generation from Diazirine Modified Task Specific Phosphonium Salts to Prepare Robust Hydrophobic Coatings Ghiassian S., Ismaili H., Lubbock B.D., Dube J.W., Ragogna P.J., $Workentin M.S.
09:00 00129 Size Dependent Pressure-induced Structural Transitions of Nanocrystalline BN Panchal V., Dong Z., Zhao A., *$Song Y.
09:20 00130 The Use of Time Resolved X-ray Diffraction in the Synthesis of Mo2C with Different Carburization Agents Guzman H., Xu W., Stacchiola D., Scott C., Pereira-Almao P.
09:40 00131 Scalable AC Electrosynthesis and Characterization of Nickel Nanowires Luo X., Luo J., *$Sundararaj U.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00132 Self-Sorting in Mixtures of Polyurethane Model Compounds Chan A.S.W, $Sundararajan P.R.
10:40 00133 A Novel Approach to the Formation of Tobacco Mosaic Virus-like Rods Lucate J.G., $Blum A.S.
11:00 00134 Liquid Crystals from Janus-like Discotic Dimers Calderon O., Bozek K.J., *$Williams V.E.
11:20 00135 The Impact of Perfluorooctadecanoic acid (C18F) on the Phase Behavior of Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidylcholine (DPPC) at Air/Water Interface Eftaiha A.F., *Paige M.F.
11:40 00136 Polymer Microstructures with High Aspect Ratio and Low Polydispersity using Photonic Fibres as Templates Fu Y., Gibson G.T.T., *$Oleschuk R.D.
12:00 00137 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Electroactive Rosette Nanotubes Parthasarathy V., *Fenniri H.
12:20 End of Session

MTGlen 204

Fuel Cell Materials for Clean Energy Options (joint with PT2)

08:00 See PT2.

12:20 End of Session

OR1Macleod E4

The Chemistry & Biology of Natural Products, from Coast to Coast Through the Prairies

Organizer(s) - S. Pedras, R. Andersen
Chair(s) - S. Pedras, R. Andersen

08:00 00138 How Plants Make Morphine Whether We Can Teach this Trick to a Microorganism *$Facchini P.J.
08:40 00139 Natural Product Genomics: Elucidating Cannabinoid Biosynthesis in Cannabis sativa Page J.E.
09:20 00140 Biosynthetic Puzzles: The Cruciferous Phytoalexins Rapalexin A and Isocyalexin A Yaya E.E., $Pedras M.S.C.
09:40 00141 meso-2,3-Butanediol: A Bacterial Metabolite with Possible Implications in Bowel Disease *$White R.L., Resmer K.L., Moussa N.T.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00142 Assembly of Bioactive Macrolides by Fungal Polyketide Synthases *$Vederas J.C.
11:00 00143 Natural Product Biosynthesis in Northern Manitoba Lichen and Other Fungi Piercey-Normore M., Abdel-Hameed M., Weessies C., Anyanwu C.S., Nadeau A.K., *$Sorensen J.L.
11:20 00144 The Biosynthesis of b-Lactones *$Harrison P.H.M., Ahilan Y.
12:00 00145 Modulation of Starch Digestion for Slow Glucose Release Through "Toggling" of Activities of Mucosal a-Glucosidases $Pinto B.M.
12:20 End of Session

OR2Macleod C

Symposium on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis in Honour of Howard Alper (joint with IN)

Organizer(s) - C. Crudden
Chair(s) - C. Crudden

08:00 00146 Abiological Self-Assembly: Predesigned Metallacycles and Metallacages via Coordination *$Stang P.J.
08:40 00147 Discovery of Sustainable Catalytic Reactions Based on Metal-Ligand Cooperation Milstein D.
09:20 00148 Mechanistic Studies in the Service of Asymmetric Gold(I) Catalysis Gagne M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00149 Enantioselective Photoredox Organocatalysis: A New Catalysis Concept of Broad Utility to Chemical Synthesis *MacMillan D.W.C.
11:00 00150 Kinetic Profiling as a Tool for Illuminating Important Off-Cycle Catalyst Reservoirs in Organocatalytic Reactions *$Hein J.E.
11:20 00151 Metal Free Catalytic Hydroborations Bailey A.M., *Eisenberger P., $Crudden C.
11:40 00152 Organocatalytic Asymmetric Conjugate Additions of Heteroaryl Moieties to a,b-unsaturated Enones with Boronates and 3,3ł-Disubstituted Binaphthols Cheung D.C.Y., $Chong J.M.
12:00 00153 Nickel Perfluorometallacycles: Intermediates for Sustainable Routes to Functionalized Fluorocarbons? Giffin K.G., *Harrison D.H., $Baker T.B.
12:20 End of Session

OR5Macleod B

Small Molecule Drug Design and Development

Organizer(s) - J. Wulff
Chair(s) - J. Wulff, S. Chowdhury

08:40 00154 Timely Chemical Process Research is a Critical Part for Efficient Drug Development Senanayake C.
09:20 00155 Disrupting the Histone Code: Inhibition of Histone-Reader Protein Interactions as a Novel Approach to Cancer Therapeutics *$Hof F., Daze K.D., Pinter T., Ma M.C.F., Pineux F.
09:40 00156 Bestowing Peptides with Small Molecule Properties Zaretsky S., Scully C., Ler S., Yu J., $Yudin A.K.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00157 Design and Synthesis of Novel Antimicrobials based on a Putative Endogenous Antibacterial Wu F., Henneberry A., Lu E., Barden C., Byers D., McMaster C., *$Weaver D.
11:00 00158 Synthesis of a Unique 7a-Testosterone-chlorambucil Hybrid Showing Selectivity on Hormone-dependent Prostate Cancer Cells *$Bérubé G., Bastien D., Hanna R., Leblanc V., Asselin É.
11:20 00159 Structure-Activity Relationship of Imidazolium-based Synthetic Anion Transporters *Elie C.R., Charbonneau M., $Schmitzer A.R.
11:40 00160 Metabolic Optimization of Potent Stat3 Inhibitors for Improved Cancer Therapeutic Agents *Arpin C.C., Page B.D.G., Turkson J., $Gunning P.T.
12:00 00161 Semi-Synthesis of a Biologically Inspired Library of Natural Product Mimics from Lypophillic Marine Natural Product b-gorgonene Pearce B., $Kerr R., *McCulloch M.
12:20 End of Session


Applied Photochemistry in Health Research (joint with BM)

Organizer(s) - B. Heyne
Chair(s) - S. Mooi

08:40 00162 Fluorogenic Protein Labelling *$Keillor J.W., Pardin C., Strmiskova M., Chen Y.
09:20 00163 Quantitative Synthesis of Genetically Encoded Libraries of Light-responsive Ligands Jafari M.R., Ng S, *$Derda R
09:40 00164 Towards a Fluorometric Assay for Human Factor XIIIa Mulani A., $Keillor J.W., Cormier M., Poirier M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00165 Development of Small Latent Fluorophore Substrates for the ATG4B Enzyme Vezenkov L.L., Kumar N.S., Nguyen T.G., *$Young R.N.
10:40 00166 Novel Quantum Yield Modulation Mechanism of an RFP-based Ca2+ Biosensor Carlson H.J., $Campbell R.E.
11:00 00167 Computationally Guided Engineering of Conformationally Flexible Green Fluorescent Protein Abdelfattah A.S., *$Campbell R.E.
11:20 00168 Fluorescence Visualization, from Reactive Oxygen Species in Cell Membranes to Biomolecular Structures at the Single Molecule Level *$Cosa G.
12:00 End of Session

ORMacleod E1

Ligand Design (joint with IN4)

08:00 See IN4.

12:20 End of Session

ORGlen 202

Modern Methods in Polymer Synthesis (joint with MS4)

08:40 See MS4.

12:20 End of Session

ORMacleod D

Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials

08:00 Joint with MT and IN - See MT2.

12:20 End of Session

PT2Glen 204

Fuel Cell Materials for Clean Energy Options (joint with MT)

Organizer(s) - V. Birss, S. Ye
Chair(s) - V. Birss, N. Abatzoglou

08:00 00169 Recent Progress in Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Research and Development Kesler O.
08:40 00170 Current Collector for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Syngas as Fuel Yan N., Li J.H., Fu X.Z., Chuang K.T., Sanger A.R., *$Luo J.L.
09:20 00171 Recent Progress in Mixed Conductors for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells *$Thangadurai V.
09:40 00172 Use of Raman Spectroscopy to Determine the Degree of Oxidation of Ni-YSZ Anodes in SOFCs $Young J.L., *Birss V.I., Maher R.C., Offer G.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00173 Diesel Reforming with Ni-Al (spinel)/Al2O3 and Ni-Al (spinel)/Al2O3-YSZ catalysts: Characterisation and Comparison of Ni-Al Catalyst Prepared by Wet-impregnation and Co-precipitation Used for Steam Reforming *$Abatzoglou N., Braidy N., Achouri I.E., Fauteux-Lefebvre C.
11:00 00174 Perovskite Anodes for SOFCs *$Giorgi J.B.
11:40 00175 Anode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Challenges Addressed by DFT Modeling *Shishkin M., Ziegler T.
12:00 00176 Investigation of Ni-infiltrated Porous YSZ Anode Microstructures using Different Infiltration Methods Keyvanfar P., Paulson S., Birss V.
12:20 End of Session

PT6Glen 206

Physical/Theoretical Mass Spectrometry

Organizer(s) - T. Fridgen
Chair(s) - P. Mayer

08:00 00177 MALDI Profiling and MS/MS of Antibody Components *$Perreault H., Lattova E.
08:20 00178 From Nanodroplet to Charge-reduced Ion: Insights into Solution Chemistry from Collision-induced Dissociation of Hypersolvated Lanthanide Trications *$McIndoe J.S., McQuinn K., Pape J.
09:00 00179 Manifestation of Rayleigh Instability in Nanodroplets in the Presence of Macroions *$Consta S., Chung J.
09:20 00180 Measuring Dynamics in Weakly Structured Regions of Proteins Using Microfluidics-enabled Sub-second H/D Exchange Mass Spectrometry *$Wilson D.J., Rob T., Liuni P., Zhu S.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00181 Catalysis with Atomic Metal Cations in the Gas Phase and in Solution Bohme D.K.
11:00 00182 Catalysis in the Gas Phase: An Inside Look at Palladium and Nickel Catalyzed C-C Bond Forming Reactions Vikse K.L., Khairallah G.N., $O'Hair R.A.J.
11:20 00183 Computational and Mass Spectrometric Analysis Reveals Dramatic C-C Bond Activation in Protonated Nitroxyl Radicals *$English A.M., Timerghazin Q.K., Peslherbe G.H.
11:40 00184 The Role of Radicals, Spin States, and Reactive Sites in the Thermal Activation of Hydrocarbons: Mechanistic Aspects of the Oxidative Coupling of Methane and a Bit More *$Schwarz H., Dietl N., Schlangen M.
12:20 End of Session

PT7Glen 205

Diversity and Challenges of Inorganic Molecular and Materials Modelling (joint with IN)

Organizer(s) - P. Budzelaar, G. Schreckenbach, T. Woo
Chair(s) - G. Schreckenbach, T. Privalov

08:00 00185 Modern DFT Methods for Modelling Transition-Metal Compounds *$Kaupp M.
08:40 00186 LIST for SCF Convergence Acceleration and IPOD for Partial Charge Analysis *$Wang Y.A., Chen Y.K.
09:00 00187 Analyzing Complex Electronic Structure Calculations on Large Systems from Inorganic Modeling in Simple Chemical Terms *$Ziegler T.
09:40 00188 Inducing Chemical Reactions through Applied Mechanical Stress *$Mosey N.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00189 Ab Initio Modeling of Actinide Chemistry and Redox in Realistic Environments *$de Jong W.A., Bylaska E.J., Johnson D.F., Atta-Fynn R., Yang P.
10:40 00190 High Level QM/MM Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ion Solvation *$Rowley C.N., Roux B.
11:00 00191 Computational Studies of Electric, Magnetic, and Mixed Electric-Magnetic Properties of Inorganic Materials Autschbach J.
11:20 00192 High Throughput Screening of Nanoporous Materials for Clean Energy Applications Daff T.D., Boyd P.G., *$Woo T.K.
11:40 00193 MOF-FF: A First Principles Derived Flexible Force Field for Metal Organic Frameworks and Beyond *$Schmid R., Bureekaew S., Amirjalayer S., Roy T.K.
12:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Y. Shi
Chair(s) - M. Petryk, M.R. Roussel

08:20 00194 The Localized Pair Model of the Chemical Bond Zielinski Z., *$Pearson J.K.
08:40 00195 The Effect of the Lorentz force on the Natural or Forced Convection Can Cause Rapid Stirring in any Electrochemical Process O'Brien R. WITHDRAWN
09:00 00196 Stochastic Models of Transcription Roussel M.R.
09:20 00197 The Assessment of PW86 + PBE + XDM on van der Waals Complexes at Non-equilibrium Geometries Arabi A.A., Becke A.D.
09:40 00198 Alkali-Graphite Intercalates from Coal as Soft Hydrogen Storage Material. A First Principles Investigations *$Gunawan R., Muliyono S.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00199 Understanding the Iodine(III)-based a-Tosyloxylation of Ketones Through Quantum Chemical Calculations *$Legault C.Y., Beaulieu S.
10:40 00200 Theoretical Study on the Decomposition Reaction Mechanisms of Ethylamine *$Almatarneh M.H., Altarawneh M., Poirier R.A.
11:00 00201 A Theoretical Study on the Gas-phase Decomposition Pathways of 1,3-Disilacyclobutane Badran I., *$Shi Y.
11:20 00202 Computational Study of the Mechanism of the Regioselective Alkylation Reaction of Diols through Organotin Compound Intermediates Lu S., Boyd R.J., Grindley T.B.
11:40 00203 Mechanistic Insights into the Dissociation and Decomposition of Carbonic Acid in Water via the Hydroxide Route: An Ab-Initio Metadynamics Study Galib M., $Hanna G.
12:00 00204 Bringing Chemistry into the Open Wincewicz R., Moses D., *$Pearson J.K.
12:20 End of Session

PTGlen 209

Applied Nanomaterials (joint with MT3)

08:00 See MT3.

12:20 End of Session

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