95th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition


Sunday AM

EN4Macleod A4

Metals in the Environment

Organizer(s) - C. Le, L. Evans, P. Hunstman-Mapila, F. Wang
Chair(s) - C. Le, H. Peng

08:20 00035 Arsenic Speciation in the Freshwater Environment *Cullen W.R., Lai V.W.-M., Moriary M., Koch I., Reimer K.J., Kanaki K., Pergantis S.A.
09:00 00036 The Arsenic Methylation Cycle $Rosen B.P., Marapakala K., Abdul Ajees A.A., Packianathan C., Yoshinaga M., Cai Y.
09:40 00037 Arsenic Speciation in Poultry Litter by HPLC-ICP-MS Yang Z., Lu X., Geisel J., *Le X.C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00038 The Role of Arsenic Speciation in Exposure Assessment and the Need to Include Bioaccessibility and Biotransformation *$Creed J.T., Creed P.A., Pinyayev T., Wilson R.A., Mantha M., Yeary E., Schwegel C., Xue J., Kohan M., Herbin-Davis K., Thomas D., Trent J., Kubachka K., Hanley T., Shockey N., Heitkemper D., Caruso J.
11:00 00039 ETV-ICP-MS as a Powerful Analytical Technique for Trace Metals Determination in Environment Hu B.
11:40 00040 Metals and Metalloids in Seal Livers Koch I., Moriarty M.M., Chagnon D., Brown T., Reimer K.J.
12:00 00041 Determination of Arsenobetaine in Fish Tissue by Species Specific Isotope Dilution LC-LTQ-Orbitrap-MS Yang, Ouerdane, Meija, Bakirdere, Windust, *$Mester Z.
12:20 End of Session

EN5Macleod A2,3

Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry

Organizer(s) - H.D. Osthoff, D. Gamble
Chair(s) - E.T. Krogh, B.D. Wagner

08:20 00042 Self-sensitized Photocatalytic Reactions of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in Water *$Langford C.H., Chamoli U., Izadifard M., Achari G.
09:00 00043 Selection of Photocatalysts for Drinking Water Treatment $Izadifard M., *Langford C.H., Achari G.
09:20 00044 Photochemical Transformatoin of the Antibiotics Sulfapyridine and Sulfamethoxazole in the Aquatic Environment Challis J.K., Carlson J.C., Hanson M.L., Friesen K.J., Wong C.S.
09:40 00045 Surface Modification of Tungsten Oxide with Trace Iron Oxide for Improvement of Organic Photodegradation $Bi D., *Xu Y.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00046 Road Salt and Associated Contaminants in Winter Urban Runoff *$Exall K., Rochfort Q., McFadyen R., Marsalek J.
10:40 00047 Biochar Binds and Releases Molecules Slowly but with a Capacity that Approaches the Binding Capacity of Activated Charcoal *$Edwards R.A., Yue W.
11:00 00048 Characterization of Priority Organic Compound Releases to Prairie Rural Waters from Wastewater Treatment Lagoons Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Anderson J.C., Low J.E., *Wong C.S., Hanson M.L.
11:20 00049 Occurrence and Fate of Pharmaceuticals in Four Wastewater Treatment Plants Guerra P., Kim M., Barclay K., Alaee M., *Smyth S.A.
11:40 00050 Pharmaceutical and Nutrient Fate in Manipulative Constructed Wetland Mesocosms Low J.E., Cardinal P., Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Beattie S.A., Bartel C.N., Elliott A.D., Lokesh S., Montero-Rodriguez O., Favreau A., Knapp C.K., Hanson M.L., *$Wong C.S.
12:00 00051 Fate and Effects of Pharmaceuticals in Outdoor Mesocosms after Pre-treatment Harvesting of Typha spp. Cardinal P., Low J.E., Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Beattie S.A., Bartel C.N., Elliott A.D., Favreau A., Lokesh S., Montero-Rodriguez O., *$Wong C.S., Hanson M.L.
12:20 End of Session

Sunday PM

EN4Macleod A4

Metals in the Environment

Organizer(s) - C. Le, L. Evans, P. Hunstman-Mapila, F. Wang
Chair(s) - F. Wang, L. Chen

13:40 00249 A Novel UV/Nano-ZrO2-HCOOH/AFS System for the Determination and Speciation of Mercury in Environmental and Biological Samples Li H., Yang L., *$Wang Q.
14:00 00250 Photochemical Production of Oxidized Mercury Over the Tropical Pacific Ocean *$Wang F., Saiz-Lopez A., Mahajan A.S., Gomez Martin J.C., Armstrong D., Lemes M., Hay T.D., Prados-Roman C.
14:20 00251 Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability of Inorganic Elements in Soil Reimer K.J., Koch I., Ollson C.J., Paquin V.
15:00 00252 The Effects of Metal-core Nanoparticles on Phase I Stereoselective Biotransformation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Lu Z., *$Wong C.S.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00253 Toxic Element Binding to Clay Minerals: Surface Complexation Modelling Evans L.J.
16:40 00254 Developing Soil Assemblage Models for Antimony, Arsenic and Phosphorus: Development, Application and Limitations *Barabash S.J., Evans L.J., Gauthier J.
17:20 End of Session

EN5Macleod A2,3

Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry

Organizer(s) - H.D. Osthoff, D. Gamble
Chair(s) - D.S. Gamble, H.D. Osthoff

13:40 00255 The Effect of Large Water Diversions on Dissolved Organic Matter in Three Different Water Bodies as Monitored by Fluorescence Spectroscopy *$Cook R.L., Kolic P.E., Ojwang' L.M., Schneider C.L.
14:20 00256 Degradation of Hormones and Antibiotics in the Environment Using Thermophillic Anaerobic Digestion Rosser P., $Withey J., Mugo S., Zhou T., *Gao T.J.
14:40 00257 CMP Dyes: From Method Development to Predicting Environmental Fate *$Balakrishnan V.K., Toito J., Palabrica V.
15:00 00258 Environmental Applications of In-Situ Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry Krogh E.T., Gill C.G.
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 00259 Development of a Field-based Method for the Cyclodextrin-Enhanced Fluorimetric Trace Detection of Pesticides in Natural Waters *$Wagner B.D., Waite E.L., MacDougall S.A., Veenhuis S.M.
16:40 End of Session

Monday AM

EN2Macleod A2,3

Fire and Ice: Atmospheric Chemistry from Biomass Burning to Ice Aerosols (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - A. Bertram, H.D. Osthoff
Chair(s) - A. Bertram, H.D. Osthoff

08:00 00611 Surface and Bulk Spectroscopic Studies on the Role of Iron (III) in Driving Photochemistry in Aerosols *$Al-Abadleh H.A.
08:40 00612 Nonlinear Optical Studies of Water/ Mineral Interfaces with Atmospheric Relevant Concentrations of Sulphuric Acid *$Chou K.C.
09:00 00613 Probing Environmental Chemistry of Aerosols with Complementary Methods of Chemical Imaging and Molecular Analysis *$Laskin A.
09:40 00614 Phase Transitions of Particles Containing Mixtures of Organic and Inorganic Material You Y., Renbaum-Wolff L., *Bertram A.K., Smith M.L., Martin S.T., Shilling J.E., Zhang X., Weber R.J., Carreras-Sospendra M., Dabdub D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00615 Temperature Dependent Halogen Activation by N2O5 Reactions on Halide-Doped Ice Surfaces *$Thornton J.A., Lopez-Hilfiker F.D., Constantin K., Kercher J.P.
11:00 00616 The Clean Aerosol Size Distribution at Two Remote Canadian Sites and its Relationship to Oceanic Sources *$Leaitch W.R., Macdonald A.M., Sharma S., Toom-Sauntry D., vonSalzen K., Pierce J.R., Shantz N.C.
11:40 00617 Trace Gas and Particulate Observations at the Marine Boundary Layer Site near Ucluelet on Vancouver Island *$Schiller C.L., Jones K.I., Vingarzan R., MacDonald A.M., Leaitch R., Mihele C., Graham M., Reid K.
12:00 00618 Ambient Organic Gases and Ammonia: Formation of Organo-Nitrogen Species in the Presence of Acidic Aerosol *$Liggio J., Li S.-M., Vlasenko A.
12:20 End of Session

EN4Macleod A4

Metals in the Environment

Organizer(s) - C. Le, L. Evans, P. Hunstman-Mapila, F. Wang
Chair(s) - L. Evans, Z. Yang

08:20 00619 Organotin Compounds in Surface Sediments from Selected Fishing Ports Along the Chinese Coast Zhang K., Shi J., *Jiang G.
09:00 00620 Arsenic in Fruit Juice Heitkemper D.T.
09:40 00621 Uptake and Metabolism of an Arsenicin A Model Compound in A549 Human Lung Cancer Cells Chen L.W.L., *Cullen W.R., $Le X.C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00622 Chemosensors of Hg2+ for Turn-on Fluorescent Sensing and Cellular Imaging Zhang H., Han L.-F., Jiang T., Wang Q., Guo D.-P., *Jiang Y.-B.
11:00 00623 Vanadium Speciation, Bioaccumulation and Toxicity to the Benthic Invertebrate Hyalella azteca. An Oil Sands of Alberta Perspective *$Norwood W.P., Le X.C., Dixon D.G., Jensen-Fontaine M., Brown M.
11:40 00624 Assessing Metal Cycling in the Athabasca River Region *$Huntsman-Mapila P., Puttaswamy N., Langley S., Gagnon C., Thibault Y., Rickwood C.
12:00 00625 ATR-FTIR Studies on the Adsorption/Desorption Kinetics of Dimethylarsinic Acid on Iron-(oxyhydr)oxides Tofan-Lazar J., *Al-Abadleh H.A.
12:20 End of Session

Monday PM

EN6Macleod A4

Environmental Chemistry Award Session

Organizer(s) - H.D. Osthoff
Chair(s) - J. Donaldson, J. Thornton

13:40 00874 From a Fiery Birth to a Watery Grave: The Lifecycle and Impacts of Black Carbon Aerosol *$McMeeking G.R., Coe H., Collett Jr.,J.L., DeMott P.J., Kreidenweis S.M., Lee T., Petters M.D., Sullivan A.P., Taylor J., Yokelson R.J.
14:20 00875 Transport of Wildfire Plumes and Impacts on Air Quality and Visibility in South-western, British Columbia McKendry I.
15:00 00876 Aerosol Chemistry in Coal-fired Power-plant Plumes: Can Emissions Controls Increase Particle Number Concentrations? *$Pierce J.R., Lonsdale C.R., Stevens R.G., Brock C.A., Makar P.A.
15:40 Coffee Break
Environment Division Research and Development Award lecture:

16:00 00877 Oxidation of Tropospheric Aerosol Particles: Mechanisms and Potential Impacts Abbatt J.
16:40 00878 Atmospheric Chemistry at Environmental Interfaces: From Molecular to Planetary Scales *$Ariya P.A.
17:20 End of Session

ENMacleod A2,3

Microbial Chemistry of Fossil Fuels (joint with BM4)

13:40 See BM4.

17:20 End of Session

Tuesday AM

EN2Macleod A2,3

Fire and Ice: Atmospheric Chemistry from Biomass Burning to Ice Aerosols (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - A. Bertram, H.D. Osthoff
Chair(s) - D.J. Donaldson, R. Signorell

08:00 01167 Microphysical Properties of Hydrocarbon Aerosols Relevant to Titan's Clouds Knox K.J., Lang E.K., $Signorell R.
08:20 01168 Phase Behavior of Propane and Pentane Aerosol Particles with Application to Titan Lang E.K., Knox K.J., *$Signorell R.
08:40 01169 Predicting the Infrared Band Profiles for CO2 Cloud Particles on Mars Isenor M., Preston T.C., Escribano R., $Signorell R.
09:00 01170 Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Benzene/p-Xylene Mixtures Schnitzler E.G., Parsons M.T., McDonald K.M., *Jaeger W.
09:20 01171 Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Low Barrier Regime Scheifele B., Saika-Voivod I., Bowles R.K., *Poole P.H.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01172 Quantifying Sources of Inorganic and Organic Atmospheric Ice Nuclei *DeMott P.J., Prenni A.J., McMeeking G.R., Sullivan R.C., Tobo Y., Hill T.C., Franc G.D., Garcia E., McCluskey C., Sullivan A.P., Prather K.A., Collins D., Cuadra-Rodriguez L., Huffman J.A., PŲschl U., Ault A.P., Grassian V., Kreidenweis S.M.
11:00 01173 Ice Nucleation Initiated by Amorphous Solid Secondary Organic Aerosol and Anthropogenic Organic Dominated Particles *$Knopf D.A., Wang B., Moffet R.C., Lambe A.T., Massoli P., Gilles M.K., Laskin A., Roedel T., Tivanski A.V., Onasch T.B., Davidovits P., Worsnop D.R.
11:40 01174 Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation: What can be Learned from Computer Simulations *$Patey G.N., Yan J.Y.
12:20 End of Session

EN4Macleod A4

Metals in the Environment

Organizer(s) - C. Le, L. Evans, P. Hunstman-Mapila, F. Wang
Chair(s) - P. Huntsman-Mapila, X. Li

08:20 01175 Highly Sensitive Assays for Detection of DNA Modifications *$Wang H., Wang Z., Liu S.
09:00 01176 Effect of Arsenic on the Formation of Benzo[a]pyrene-Induced DNA Adducts Guhtrie J.W., Lee J, Weinfeld M, Le X.C
09:40 01177 Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions by Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Modified with 8-Hydroxyquinoline *$Abdel Salam M., Kosa S., Ghalia Al-Zhrania G. WITHDRAWN
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01178 Mining for a Biomonitor: Periphyton as an Indicator of Exposure to Metals Leaching from Abandoned Tailings *$Fortin C., Lavoie I., Lavoie M.
11:00 01179 Developing Proton Dissociation and Metal Complexation Constants to Describe the Adsorption of Cadmium, Copper, and Nickel to the Surface of Wheat Roots Boyle D.J., Evans L.J., Hale B.A.
11:20 01180 The Effect of Copper on the Development of Antibiotic Resistance Genes within a Sediment Microbial Community Bartel C.N., Cardinal P., Carlson J.C., Low J.E., Knapp C.W., Hanson M.L., Wong C.S.
11:40 01181 Preconcentration and Analytical Separation of Silver (Ag+1), Copper (Cu+2) And Zinc (Zn+2) Ions Using Supported Liquid Membrane Technology $Ashraf M.W.
12:00 01182 Thermodynamics of Dimethylarsinic Acid Adsorption/Desorption to/from Hydrated Iron-(Oxyhydr)oxide Clusters: DFT Calculations Adamescu A., Al-Abadleh H.A., Hamilton I.P.
12:20 End of Session

Tuesday PM

EN1Macleod A4

Advances in Environmental Analytical Chemistry (joint with AN)

Organizer(s) - C. Bottaro, R. Raina
Chair(s) - C. Bottaro, R. Raina

13:40 01413 Low Tech Approach to Microfluidic Devices that Integrate Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs)- Phase 1 *$Egli S.N., Bottaro C.S.
14:00 01414 Porous Polymer Monolith: Versatile, Tailorable, Robust Materials of Wide Applicability *$Mugo S.M.
14:20 01415 Use of Flexible Linear Tricationic Ion Pairing Reagents in Analysis of Sulfur oxyanions by Capillary Electrophoresis ESI-MS *Bottaro C.S., $Pappoe M.
14:40 01416 Development of UPLC-ESI-MS/MS Method for Fast Determination of 12 Halo-benzoquinones in Water Huang R.-F., Wang W., Zhao Y., *$Li X.-F.
15:00 01417 Quantification of Simvastatin and Simvastatin Acid in the Blood and Lavage of Mice Treated for Respiratory Inflammation and Hyperreactivity Bews H.J., Carlson J.C., Jha A., Basu S., Halayko A.J., *Wong C.S.
15:20 01418 Feasibility of Compound Specific Carbon Isotope Analysis for Indoor Air and Soil Gas VOCs in Stainless Steel SUMMA-Passivated Air Canisters Morin M.D., Lacrampe-Couloume G., *$Sherwood Lollar B.
15:40 01419 N2 Fixation Estimates in Real-Time by Acetylene Reduction Assays by Cavity Ring Down Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (ARACAS) *$Bellenger J.P., Cassar N., Jean M.E., Barnett B., Setzer C.
16:00 01420 Improved Detection Instrument for Nitrogen Oxide Species (iDINOS) Odame-Ankrah C.A., *Osthoff H.D.
16:40 Coffee Break
17:00 End of Session

EN2Macleod A2,3

Fire and Ice: Atmospheric Chemistry from Biomass Burning to Ice Aerosols (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - A. Bertram, H.D. Osthoff
Chair(s) - J.R. Pierce, H.A. Al-Abadleh

13:40 01421 Using Singlet Molecular Oxygen to Probe Composition and Chemistry in Liquid-Like Regions of Ice *$Anastasio C., Bower J.
14:20 01422 Hydroxyl Radicals in Ice: Its Implication to Atmospheric Reaction Codorniu-HernŠndez E., *$Kusalik P.G.
15:00 01423 Skating on Thin Ice: Laser Probing of Chemistry at the Air-Ice Interface *$Donaldson D.J.
15:40 01424 On the Photochemistry of Nitrate in Ice Abida O., *Osthoff H.D.
16:00 01425 Ionization and Enhanced Photochemistry of Nitric Acid on Ice Marcotte G., *$Ayotte P., Pronovost S., Marchand P., Laffon C., Parent Ph.
16:40 Coffee Break
17:00 End of Session

EN-PoExhibition Hall CD

Poster Session

From 18:00 until 19:30

EN5- Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry Posters

18:00 01426 Elimination of Chlorine Taste and Odor from Drinking Water by Ascorbic Acid and Ultraviolet Light Qian Y., Wang W., Huang R., Hrudey S.E., *Li X.F.
18:00 01427 Photodechlorination Kinetics of Trace Contaminants in Natural Waters Using Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry as an In-Situ Reaction Monitor Letourneau D., Gill C.G., *Krogh E.T.

EN1 - Advances in Environmental Analytical Chemistry posters

18:00 01428 Adsorption Study of Metal Ions on Electrochemically Synthesized Poly-(ortho-phenylenediamine) *$Etorki A., El Rais M., Abuein M.
18:00 01429 Method Development for Enhanced Analysis of Anions in Oilfield Waters by Capillary Electrophoresis *$Donkor K.K., Campbell M., Jaswal N., Risley J.M., Schmidt K.
18:00 01430 Stereo-specific Bioaccumulation of Chiral PCBs in a Marine Food Web from Cumberland Sound, Nunavut, Canada Lu Z., *Wong C.S., Silva G.S., Tomy G.T., Rosenburg B., Leblanc B., McMeans B.C., Fisk A.T., Morris A., Marvin C.H., Muir D.C.G.
18:00 01431 A New Method of Detecting Total Viable Organisms in Water Based on Solid-phase Microextraction and Fluorescent Signal Detection Zhang M., Dunkinson C., Marcotte E., Bowers R., *$Brown S.R.
18:00 01432 Sustainable Energy Generation from Municipal Waste Plastics *Sarker M.
18:00 01433 Towards Determination of Acidic Trace Gases by Mist Chamber Extraction Coupled to Capillary Electrophoresis - UV/Vis Detection Zhou X., *Osthoff H.D.
18:00 01434 Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Adsorbed Arsenate on Ferrihydrite Sigrist J.A., Burgess I.J.
18:00 01435 Short-term Kinetics of Dinitrogen Fixation: Applications of a Novel Technique, ARACAS Jean M.-E., Cassar N., *Bellenger J.-P., Setzer C., Barnett B.
18:00 01436 Measurement and Occurrence of PFCs in Indoor Air and Dust and their Potential Impact on Respiratory Problems in Young Children Nikoobakht N., McConkey C., Low J., Bows H., Sieffert C., Gunson D., $Wong C., Loewen M., Becker A.
18:00 01437 Perfluorinated Compounds in Blood and their Potential Impact on Respiratory Problems in Young Children in Winnipeg, Manitoba McConkey C., Low J., Bews H., Loewen M., Becker A., $Wong C.
18:00 01438 Development of Porous Polymer Microextraction (PPME) Devices for Online-GC MS Analysis Huybregts L., Mugo S., Ayton K.
18:00 01439 Extraction and Quantification of Six Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Plant and Sediment Matrices Elliott A.D., Carlson J.C., Challis J.K., Cardinal P., Low J.E., Hanson M.L., *$Wong C.S.

EN2 - Fire and Ice: Atmospheric Chemistry posters

18:00 01440 Multiphase and Photosensitized Chemical Kinetics of Biomass Burning Surrogate Compounds with Typical Atmospheric Oxidants and Radicals *$Knopf D.A., Forrester S.M., Slade J.H., Shiraiwa M., Poschl U.
18:00 01441 Identification and Aging of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formed from the Photo-oxidation of b-pinene Sarrafzadeh M., Hastie D.
18:00 01442 Effects of Organic Coatings on the Transfer of Photochemically Active Species Across the Air--Aqueous Interface Reeser D.I., $Donaldson D.J.
18:00 01443 Illuminating Urban Grime Baergen A., $Donaldson D.J.

EN3 - Chemistry of Oil Sands Reclamation and Monitoring

18:00 01444 Investigating Environmental Fate of Process Chemicals and Naphthenic Acids *Wang X., Robinson L., $Kasperski K.
18:00 01445 Analysis of Oil Sands Process-Affected Water Constituents by Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography (LCxLC) Ross M.S., Wang Y., Rowland S.J., *$Martin J.W.
18:00 01446 Sorption of Naphthenic Acids using Chitosan Copolymers Poon L., *$Wilson L.D., Headley J.V., Peru K.M.

Wednesday AM

EN3Macleod A4

Chemistry of Oil Sands Reclamation and Monitoring (joint with BM)

Organizer(s) - J. Martin
Chair(s) - H.D. Osthoff, J. Martin

08:40 01712 A Field-portable Membrane Introduction Tandem Mass Spectrometer (MIMS-MS/MS) for Spatially and Temporally Resolved Real Time Monitoring of Hydrocarbons in Air and Water Bell R.J., Davey N.G., Martinsen M., Collin-Hansen C., Gill C.G., Krogh E.T.
09:00 01713 Comprehensive Analysis of Ozonated Oil Sands Process Affected Water by Liquid Chromatography/Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry *Pereira A.S., Islam M.D.S., Gamal El-Din M., $Martim J.W.
09:20 01714 Sorbants for Remediation of Oil SandsTailings Water *$Apblett A.W., Cody C., Piquette A., Corter D., Reed T.
09:40 01715 Assessing the Fate of Contaminants in Tailings Ponds, Ground and Surface Water in the Athabasca River Basin *$Rickwood C., Huntsman-Mapila P., Ahad J., Savard M.M., Gammon P.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01716 What are Naphthenic Acids: Source or Extraction Dependent? *Toor N.S., Ryan C.H., Gillis H.M., Fahlman B., Peru K., Headley J.V.
11:00 01717 Volatile Organic Compound Observations Near Oil Sands Mining and Upgrading Facilities in Alberta *Simpson I.J., Marrero J., Meinardi S., Rowland F.S., $Blake D.R.
11:40 01718 Monitoring of Air Quality Over the Oil Sands from Space *$McLinden C.A., Fioletov V.E.
12:20 End of Session

EN5Macleod A2,3

Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry

Organizer(s) - H.D. Osthoff, D. Gamble
Chair(s) - C. Langford, B.D. Wagner

09:00 01719 Interactions Between Mercury (II) and Different Molecular Weight Fractions of Humic Substances: Influence of pH and Ionic Strength *$Chakraborty P.
09:40 01720 Absorption Separation of Chromium(VI) by Complexing Agent Type of Cellulose Modified With Telluric Acid *$Mostafa S., Butler I., El-Sherbiny H., Kenawy I.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01721 Human Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Through Vegetables and Fruits Produced in Saudi Arabia *$Ashraf M.W.
10:40 01722 Effects of 8:2 Fluorotelomer Alcohol Airborne Exposure on Lung Function *$Wong C.S., Nikoobakht N., Loewen M., Ryu M., Basu S., HayGlass K., Halayko A., Becker' A.
11:00 01723 Herbicide Reaction and Desorption Kinetics in a Soil Slurry $Gamble D.S.
11:20 01724 Fast Polarity and Mode Switching in an LC-MS/MS Analysis of Heterogeneous Interactions of Pesticides in the Environment *Gamble H.A., Harris G.W., $Patel M., Gamble D.S.
11:40 01725 By-products of Chlorination of Primary Wastewater Treatment Effluents in Newfoundland Coastal Communities Qinhong C., Metcalfe P., Helleur R., Chen B.
12:00 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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